Vanilla Apricot Energy Balls

Vanilla Apricot Energy Balls

These grain free, gluten free, paleo-friendly energy balls are the perfect healthy snack option for busy days, pre/post workout fuel or anything in between. Sweetened with only naturally occurring sugars, and filled with healthy fats, these balls will quiet that sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar through the roof.

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Woah, Woah, Woah! How is it May already?! I know I’ve been MIA for a bit here, but we bought our 1st home this spring and things have been crazzzyyyy ever since! I’ll go into more details with the renovations we’ve done/been working on in a later post once we wrap up a few more projects, but let’s just say that I was shower-less for over 2 weeks and at one point didn’t even have a working toilet—yikes!

At this point things have calmed down a bit {meaning I can both shower and use a working toilet}, but I’d be lying if I told you that our place didn’t still look like a construction war zone--- because it does {and has} for every single day for the past 2 months. What I wouldn’t give for a clean, organized house… but someday right? Someday all the projects will be done right? We’ll just keep our fingers crossed on that one.

In the midst of all of this moving/home renovation chaos, keeping the fridge filled with super simple, yet healthy recipes has been absolutely KEY because cooking up a gourmet meal when you have zero counter space available and it’s 8:30pm just isn’t an option. In attempt to try to keep my friends at chipotle and I from a first name basis, I’ve been making lots of crockpot chicken, sautéed veggies, egg bakes {this pizza lovers one has been on repeat} and of course energy balls to power us through all of the painting, the tiling, and everything else that comes with complete bathroom remodels and tearing down kitchen walls.

Speaking of quick and healthy recipes… I’ve got a brand new one for you today specifically in honor of the upcoming {Burpees Then Brunch} a donation based event here in Minneapolis, where we will come together to sweat for a great cause and then post workout will enjoy mixing, mingling, shopping some of my favorite local brands and of course sipping mimosas and stuffing our faces with none other than… energy balls and parfaits!

I made my infamous Cranberry Walnut Energy Balls for a previous event at YogaFit studios last fall and they were a HUGE hit, so I’m hoping this time they will be just as big {if not bigger} of a crowd pleaser!

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{Printable Recipe}


·       1C. Medjool Dates, pitted

·       1C. Raw Almonds

·       1C. Dried Apricots {no sugar added}

·       ¾ C. Almond Butter

·       1Tbsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

·       2Tsp. Sea Salt



1.     Combine all ingredients together in a food processor

2.     Blend until a{dough-like}consistency is formed, being sure to intermittently scrape down the edges of the processor

3.     Place a small spoonful of the{dough}into your hands and roll between your palms until a ball is formed

4.     Continue in this fashion until all of the {dough}is used

5.     Place the energy balls in the refrigerator until that craving for something sweet kicks in

6.     To extend the life of your energy balls even further, store part of the batch in your freezer

7.     Enjoy!


P.S. If you’re interested in joining me for a taste test of these amazing treats and the entire {Burpees Then Brunch} event, you can find more information here or feel free to shoot me an email at

P.P.S. To see more of my favorite paleo {treat} options check out my: Tropical Summertime Trail Mix, Cranberry Walnut Energy Balls or my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

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