The SHED Fitness Review: {TCFG}

The SHED Fitness Review: {TCFG}

Think of The SHED as a workshop for your body. Inside, you will find all the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals; spinning, circuit, Bodypump, Body SHED, TRX…


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Studio: The SHED

Location: 2800 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

What is The SHED: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we DO take our workouts seriously. We feel that offering premier group classes in a comfortable, unassuming environment will provide you with a platform for achieving your best. Let’s be honest: Working out is raw. Working out isn’t pretty. If you can somehow make a monster sweatbeard look absolutely fabulous, well then, you should probably make a silly little video about it.“

Check out the video at the bottom of the page HERE to see even more about The SHED.

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Classes offered:

·       BODYPUMP

·       Spin 60

·       Barre Fit

·       Spin + Strength

·       Cardio Circuit

·       Tabata

·       SHED Circuit

·       HIIT, Spin + Core

·       TRX Circuit

·       Power Yoga...and MORE!

What to expect: The place is right in uptown, so a great location, however the entrance can be easy to miss {the studio is right above an auto body shop} so pay careful attention when driving by. Upon entering the door, you walk up a flight of stairs and that’s when you’ve entered The SHED.  Arrive 10-15 minutes early to class so that you can introduce yourself to the instructor, fill out paperwork, and get a tour of the place. Bring what you would to any other workout class: water bottle, sweat towel {if you feel so inclined}, good supportive shoes + a great attitude!

My take on The SHED: During my free 7 day trial at The SHED {click HERE to get your free week!} I tried out 2 different classes. The first was a SHED circuit class, which I absolutely loved! I took the class on a Saturday morning and I’d say there were between 15-20 people in the class with me. Throughout the class we did a total of 8 circuits that included exercises using all of the major muscles groups as well as lots of heart pumping cardio! This was an intense workout, but I enjoy nothing more than being sweat soaked after a hard workout, so this was right up my alley! The instructor did a great job of explaining the different exercises, how to properly perform them and did a killer job of motivating everyone throughout the entire workout!

The 2nd class was a TRX circuit class and just happened to be the first TRX class I’d ever taken. Going into the class I expected the intensity to match that of the SHED Circuit class and was slightly disappointed when I realized that in reality the intensity was much lower. This class used a similar circuit training technique, but slowed down the movements and didn’t have much for cardio. I definitely felt {the burn} often throughout the workout, however I was pretty dry upon leaving the class. I still enjoyed the class and learned a lot of new exercises that I’d never done with a TRX band before which was awesome, but maybe next time I’ll try to find a slightly more advanced class to really push me and take me outside my comfort zone.

All in all, I barely even touched on the classes that this studio offers, but I would gladly go back any day to try out additional classes or even go for round #2 of the SHED Circuit {my new favorite workout}. If you live in the area, I think you would be silly not to utilize the free 7 day trial – I guarantee there is at least one class that they offer that matches up your fitness goals.

And that’s another edition of the {Twin Cities Fitness Guide} on this beautiful Fitness Friday!

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All photos are courtesy of The SHED Fitness

All photos are courtesy of The SHED Fitness

**We were not compensated by The SHED Fitness in any way, all opinions are our own.