What I'm Into Lately {June 2016}

What I’m Into Lately {June 2016}

Sharing all of my favorite finds over the past month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me this month.

A few days {or maybe more than a few days} late, but sometimes summertime throws a couple wrenches into my planning—oh well! It’s time for the June edition of {What I’m Into Lately} and I’m so excited to share some of these new finds with you, so here you are!

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Food: This months favorite food is actually a drink and nobody should be surprised when I tell you what it is because I’m borderline addicted to this in the summertime. So what is it you ask… Cold Brew Coffee! I love me some coffee any time of the year, but cold brew + I have a special bond for these few months out of the year! My all time favorite brand of cold brew is Chameleon Cold Brew out of Austin,TX. They have many, many flavors {some do have added sugar, so I generally stay away from those} but their mocha brew is definitely top notch. Cold brew can get a little pricey though {especially when you’re as obsessed as I am} so I’m not above making my homemade version and keeping it right in the fridge. Keep your eyes peeled for that recipe to hit the blog here in the next few weeks!

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Fitness: I have 1 word for you---- EVERYTHING. Literally this month has been all over the board. I checked out The Shed for a Tabata and a TRX class, I hit the trails for with my bike, I got some great outdoor runs in, started lifting at the gym again, continued yoga, hiked… and the list goes on. I’m usually a pretty scheduled and structured person when it comes to workouts, but lately I’ve just been trying to do what’s fun, feels good for my body, and gets me OUTSIDE and I’m loving it!

Beauty: Have you heard of the new Beautycounter craze yet? If you follow along with the paleo community in any way, shape or form, there’s no way you could miss it. This is the latest natural beauty product line that is made from the safest, chemical free ingredients out there! I had heard nothing but good things about their products, so I took the leap and bought a charcoal bar + their lengthening mascara. At first, I was leery of the mascara as the brush was not was I was used to, however over a month later I love it and knowing that it is free of harsh chemicals makes it 110% worth it. If you haven’t heard the rave review about the charcoal bar, you’re missing out. This bar attracts the toxins lying beneath your skin and draws them out with a natural process. I did break out pretty significantly the first 2 weeks of use, but now my skin is more clear and revitalized than ever before! P.S. There are MANY more products that this amazing company offers so be sure to check them out!

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Skincare: This great lakes collagen has been a part of my daily routine for years now and I still continue to see noticeable changes in the brightness, smoothness and strength of my skin! This powder is completely tasteless and can be added to either hot or cold beverages, so I usually add it directly to my morning cup of coffee or an afternoon smoothie.

Product: Ever since the first time I tried an EPIC Bar, I’ve been hooked. Back in the day, I used to eat “protein bars” that were filled with artificial ingredients, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners thinking that they were actually healthy for me and never once caring to figure out what they were actually made from. Not only would these “protein bars” leave me with tons of bloating and excess gas {sorry for the TMI, but that’s how my body reacts to artificial sweeteners} but I would be starving for more food within an hour of consuming them.

EPIC bars are made from real ingredients: meat, dried fruits, and delicious seasonings, truly making them one of the best paleo travel snacks I have ever found! You can bet that my hiking bag will be filled to the brim with these for our West Coast Road Trip.


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Family: June as a whole was pretty low-key for us. We had a few graduation parties, I shot some race photos, we spent my birthday weekend with friends and family at a local winery, had a little get away to Wisconsin for a friends wedding and filled in any open spaces with bike rides through the city, trips to the dog park and grill outs with friends. All in all, it’s been a much more relaxing summer than last and I am SO thankful for that!

My July Intention: Be more positive. In a world that seems to be filled with nothing but negativity I want to include more positivity not only in my life, but in everyone I interact with each day. Something as simple as a smile or a nod could turn someone’s day around and I would love to make that happen. 

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