Tropical Summertime Trail Mix

Tropical Summertime Trail Mix

Be sure to carry a large bag of this energizing, gluten free trail mix along next time you’ve got a vacation, pool day, day hike or just a long day at work!

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4th of July weekend was a crazy-busy-jam-packed time for us, but we did SO many cool things that it didn't register with me how little we actually relaxed until it was all over!

I started off the weekend getting up bright + early Saturday morning to host a FREE body weight bootcamp at Bassett Creek Park {which turned out to be so much fun!} then we headed home to grab breakfast, shower up + drove over to Interstate Park where we hiked all around the bluffs along the St. Croix river valley! The hikes were a lot shorter than I expected, but the views were awesome + it was so nice to be able to escape the {city noise} with only an hour drive, plus I’m pretty sure our pup was thankful for the shorter distances since this was her 1st official hike;)

After hiking we headed home to greet Austin's family who brought their RV and 3 pups up and camped out in our driveway for the night. We grilled burgers + brats and just hung out around the fire before heading to bed a little too late;) The next morning we took all 4 pups down the street to the dog park, Aust made a killer breakfast with gf waffles, eggs + bacon, then we all headed over to Minnehaha dog park to wear the puppies out for a few more hours ---> they had a blast! I'm pretty sure I've already said this, but if you haven't been there yet and you're in the area.. Go! It's beautiful and your dog will be even more in love than you!

After the park we let the pups take a snooze while we bikes down to Minnehaha Falls to take in the scenery, enjoyed an amazing dinner at hola arepa {again, this is a must-try if you're in the area---the entire menu is GF!} and then all headed down to my parents for the 4th of July festivities that the next day entailed.

My 4th started with a 5am wake up call because I volunteered to help with the 1st annual Firecracker 5K which was a huge success w/ over 100 participants {did I mention this town is TINY—such a great turnout?!} The parade followed the race, then after some relaxing at the farm Austin's family headed back to Iowa and we drove back to the cities. After all of that, naps were definitely in order {4hour naps to be exact} and I'm not even mad about it. My body was definitely lacking some quality rest and it felt amazing to go to sleep for once without a care in the world! Upon waking we tossed together some homemade spring rolls and headed out for some firework action to end the weekend.

Did I have an awesome weekend? Yes, most definitely! But it was also quite busy and the one thing that kept us feeling content and energized throughout the entire thing was the bag of {Tropical Summertime Trail Mix} that we had with us at every moment. No matter where we were: hiking, biking, driving, walking, whenever we could feel the {Hangry Monster} coming on we'd just grab a handful and it put that vicious monster right to sleep! This mix is one of my favorites to date and is so easy to throw to together for road trips, camping, pool days, or even after school snacks! Make sure you have an extra large bag of this along for your next adventure—I promise it will make the experience 10x better!

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Tropical Summertime Trail Mix



·       2C. Banana Chips, unsweetened

·       1C. Toasted Coconut Strips

·       1C. Raw Cashews

·       1C. Raw Walnuts

·       1/2C. Dried Mango, no sugar added


1.     Add all ingredient together in a large bowl

2.     Mix well

3.     And ENJOY---simple as that!




P.S. Did I mention our road trip started in less than 1 month?!

What did your 4th of July look like?! What are your favorite trail mix combinations?!

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