Bodyweight Tabata Cardio Crusher

Bodyweight Tabata Cardio Crusher

This bodyweight cardio workout will send your heart rate through the roof in under 30minutes so you can get back to your weekend festivities ASAP.

With the holiday weekend comes the temptations of overindulging at the family BBQ, drinking all of the brews {or wine or cocktails} and letting go of everything we've worked so hard to achieve. 

In battling with the vicious cycle of excess consumption followed by extreme guilt/regret/body shaming for years and years, I've learned a few very valuable lessons that now help me navigate any holiday season with the utmost confidence. 

1.     Move your body daily: if you know you're getting up to go for a run or get a workout in, the likelihood that you're going to want to overindulge in poor food or beverage choices is MUCH less. That said, idk about you, but I'd rather not crack open a cider or down half a fruit pizza immediately post workout either... I'd definitely rather refuel with a smoothie or salad!

2.     Drink ALL of the water: I have a water bottle with me 24/7 anyways, but when temptations for jump ship are high, make extra sure you're staying hydrated. Fend off hangovers easier, decrease cravings, flush toxins and avoid dehydration. This is super important to a successful weekend!

3.     Everything in moderation: drinks, food, sweets... you will feel 1000% better and in control of your body if you eat 1 s'more instead of 8 {I know they are bomb, but resist the urge}, a few cocktails instead of 12, and a few chips instead of the whole bag.

4.     Lighten up: instead of spending your weekend avoiding all of the foods you would never touch on a regular basis because you want to keep your toned tummy, relax. If something slips through the cracks... let it, otherwise you will forget to have fun because you're too busy obsessing.

5.     Back home, back to normal: Just because you lightened up on your nutrition over the weekend, doesn't mean you have to continue down that path once home. Go right back to where you started: lots of fruits/veggies/healthy fats and proteins and minimize added sugar and processed food intake and I guarantee you'll be back to normal within just a few days

This is what works for me, maybe your list looks a bit different, but if you follow along with the above guidelines you should be feeling pretty good come Wednesday when we all head back to real life.

Now, just in case you aren't sure how you're going to get a workout in... try this Bodyweight Tabata Cardio Crusher and send your heart rate through the roof in under 30minutes so you can get back to your 4th of July festivities ASAP.

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Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, the rest for 15 seconds and move on to the next exercise. Rest for 1 minute after completing all 6 exercises, then repeat 2 more times for a quick and efficient, cardio crushing workout that can be done at the lake, cabin or wherever you might find yourself this weekend.

Note: be sure to listen to your body and modify interval lengths/rest time when needed + eliminate any jumping to make the exercises low impact.

1.     Skiers

2.     Prisoner Squat Jumps

3.     Seal Jacks

4.     Squat to Plank

5.     Reverse Lunge to Hop

6.     Single Leg Burpee

Complete 2x more!

Skiers: Keeping your feet together, core engaged, squat low and jump laterally from right to left. Using your arms for momentum with each jump.

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Prisoner Squat Jumps: Standing with feet hip width distance apart and clasp your hands lightly behind your head. Keeping your chest high, core engaged, sit your butt back behind you and contract your glutes to launch you into a squat jump, ensuring your hands don’t leave your head.

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Seal Jacks: Similar to a ‘jumping jack’ as your feet jump apart, your hands reach out laterally to start. To finish the jack, bring your feet back together and your hands clap in front of you {wrists still at shoulder height}.

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Squat to Plank: With your feet hip width distance apart, drop your glutes into your lowest squat then drop your hands to the ground and jump your feet back to a high plank position. From there, bring your feet back to meet your hands and lift your chest, ensuring your glutes stay low, to land back in your squat position.

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Reverse Lunge to Hop {repeat on both sides}: Stepping your right leg behind your, keeping your left knee directly over your left ankle, power from your lunge position into a single leg hop by lifting your right knee to meet your chest.

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Single Leg Burpees {repeat on both sides}: Start in your high plank position, then use your core to pull your knee to your chest and plant your right foot near your hands and power through your right glutes to hop into the air. Upon landing from your hop, plant your hands on the ground and hop back to a right leg, single legged plank.

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Chat with me!

What are your favorite ways to keep your health in check over holidays? Do you have a favorite non-running cardio exercise? 

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