Paleo On The Go: Part 2

Paleo On The Go: Part 2

Whether you’re on vacation or you’re at home dealing with a stressful week, these are my favorite Paleo options to help you stay energized, optimally fueled, and ready to conquer the day.

Quite some time ago {approximately 9 months to be exact} I wrote a blog for you all listing some of my favorite {Paleo-ish} fast food options that are great to have in your back pocket when your traveling, have busy days, or haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks. This post was titled {Paleo On The Go: Part 1} which eludes to the fact that there was at least going to be one more part to the series and although time seems to have gotten the best of me over the past few months, I figured since I’m currently on a West Coast Road Trip, this would be the perfect time to chat about the 2nd part of this series! Part 2 focuses more on foods that you can easily bring with you to eat on-the-go without having to stop and search for a place that offers quality, real food options that you feel comfortable consuming.

Good nutrition while traveling/on-the-go is huge! Seriously, it’s way bigger than anyone would ever imagine as improperly fueling your body can lead to drowsiness, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, irritability, bloating, decreased energy, and SO much more! And while maybe some of you enjoy battling through these symptoms {or not}, I would much rather do a bit of preparatory planning, than to experience these things while on running errands or enjoying my vacation! So, to help you avoid these {not so fun} symptoms and stay on track with your nutrition, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Paleo-friendly foods for you to use the next time you have a ridiculously busy day or are off feeding your adventurous side with some traveling. 

I’m so excited to introduce you to all of these awesome products and the companies that have created them! I 100% stand behind each and every item I am sharing with you today {not only because of the ingredients they chose to use/not use in the creation of their product, but also because they all taste SO good!}  At the current moment, my hiking backpack is stuffed with a variety of all of these items that are meant to last the entire 2 weeks of this road trip, but I’ll be shocked if they make it that far;)

In no specific order, here are my favorite {Paleo-On-The-Go} options!

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Bearded Brothers Energy Bars: This is honestly the first time I’ve found/tried these bars, but when I spotted them on one of our pre-travel trips to REI I knew I had to try them! Made with organic, real food ingredients, they are perfect to toss in your bag in case of emergencies.

Justin’s Nut Butter Packets: Basically Justin’s {my favorite nut butter company} hit the home run with these!  I’d say that at minimum 80% of my breakfasts include a banana and nut butter, and it is so convenient to have these single serving, mess-free packets on hand for times when bringing the entire jar is frowned upon.

Larabars: My first real food bar lover. Chocolate chip cookie dough has had my heart for years now, but there new line of superfood bars brought about a new favorite--- Turmeric, ginger root and beet! I tend to eat these least of all of the bars {because they are usually pretty high in sugar however, they are probably the most readily available bars since they can be found at places like Target, coffee shops and even gas stations!

Betsy’s Best Bar None: First found in their hometown of Portland, OR these babies were lost to me until just about a year ago when The Wedge in Minneapolis began carrying them. You better believe we make a large number of special trips to this Co-op just to snag some of these delicious bars!

Tuna Packets: Protein in a packet is never a bad thing. Add some guacamole, homemade mayo or olive oil to this tuna and all your balanced meal on-the-go is missing is some vegetables!

EPIC Bars: If these bars don’t scream Paleo, idk what does. These protein bars are made from animal protein {beef, venison, bison, salmon + more} dried fruits and spices, which I love because I know that with this high quality product I won’t be hungry again in 15 minutes.

Fresh/Dried Fruit: Fresh is always best, but most fruits can be hard to travel with {except apples} because they are softer and bruise easily. I usually pack enough bananas for the 1st day or 2, green apples and some dried mango or banana chips for options that will last longer.

RX Bars: So few ingredients, yet so much flavor in these bars that have taken over the Paleo-sphere! These high in protein, low in sugar bars make them one of the best and most filling protein bars around. Now, if I could only get my hands on their newest flavor!

Medjool Date Trail Mix: Remember the seagulls on {Finding Nemo?} Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about this trail mix I created months ago. Almonds, dates, dark chocolate chips… if I share this with you, consider yourself lucky.

Tropical Summertime Trail Mix: This light and refreshing trail mix is perfect for chilling on the beach or enjoying the patio on a warm summer day! I’m admittedly a banana chip addict, but the dried mango and coconut strips in this are easily what wins this trail mix it’s popularity.  

Paleo Snack Mix: One of my very first Define Fettle creations, this snack mix has not only my heart, but all of my friends + families hearts as well!  This is not only my go to travel snack, but I have been known to gift large jars of this quite regularly. All I can say is banana chips and coconut aminos FTW!

Although I’d love to narrow this list down for you by choosing a favorite, there’s absolutely no way that’s possible. I highly recommend you just try them all and make the decision for yourself!

Chat with me!

Have you ever tried any of these products? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which are you most excited to try?

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