Avocado Stuffed Bacon Burgers

Avocado Stuffed Bacon Burgers

Combining healthy fats and high quality protein has never tasted so good!

While away on my road trip over on the west coast {which I promise to write ALL about once I get through all of the photos we took} I missed quite a few things back home here in MN.

Top of the “things I missed” list would be my crazy kale {and basically all fruits and veggie} loving pup Joie, although I’m not quite sure she even noticed we were gone with all of the spoiling she got at my parents house. Seriously though, it’s very possible that they like her more than myself!

Second on the list of things I missed was my bed. We slept on some great mattresses along the trip, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something about sleeping in my own bed that makes me feel at ease.

And third… HOMECOOKING! In my opinion, we did a great job of staying within the Paleo guidelines that we follow on a regular basis. Thanks to the cities on the west coast for being so health conscious, there were plenty of restaurants that were Paleo, had Paleo options, or could “Paleo-fy” things on their menu to a point where I actually felt really good after nearly each and every meal we ate on the trip.

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While we did end up eating out quite a bit, we also pre-planned a ton for this trip so knew better than to leave on a multi-week road trip without packing some foods that would make for easy, yet healthy on-the-go options and honestly, doing this was such a life saver once we got out there!

But, even though the foods we ate were all made from the highest quality ingredients, I still found myself missing being able to cook in my own kitchen, tossing together a salad when I wasn’t extremely hungry, frying up a bunch of vegetables in ghee, and cooking eggs and bacon for my weekend breakfasts.

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By the time I got home, I had a list nearly a mile long of home cooked foods that I was craving! But, I made sure that one of the very first meals we made was burgers! I had had multiple burgers from different restaurants such as Bare Burger and Roam while on the trip, but there’s just something about a homemade grilled burger that makes my mouth water {even more } than a burger made in the best of restaurants. And if a burger in and of itself isn’t good enough for you, try adding bacon and avocado! I’m not just talking as toppings to your beef patty, I mean bacon that’s mixed in with the meat and avocado that’s stuffed inside the burger and then grilled to perfection.

Holy Yum!!!!

And because I know that the description I just gave you is extremely tantalizing, I just had to share the recipe for these BOMB burger with you today!

Avocado Stuffed Bacon Burgers



·       1 lb. ground beef, thawed

·       4 slices bacon {sugar free}

·       4 Tbsp. classic homemade guacamole

·       1 Tsp. Garlic Powder

·       1 Tsp. Onion Powder

·       Sea salt + black pepper {to taste}



1.     In a skillet, fry the bacon to your liking {it will still cook a bit on the grill} and set aside

2.     Once the bacon has cooled a bit, dice it into small pieces

3.     In a medium bowl, combine the ground beef, bacon, and seasonings, kneading with your hands until well mixed

4.     Create 8 round, thin burger patties

5.     Spoon a small amount of guacamole onto 4 of the patties and then use the remaining 4 patties to top or sandwich the guacamole

6.     Press the edges of the 2 patties together to enclose the guacamole and continue to form with your hands until it takes the shape of a {normal} hamburger

7.     Place the burgers on the grill for 4 minutes per side {or until cooked to your liking} and voila!

Serve on a collard greens wrap with a side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts or Sweet Potato Fries and you’ve got yourself the BEST meal in town!


Chat with me!

Have you ever been on a vacation longer then 2 weeks? Did you miss home cooking? Have you ever tried avocado on your burger?

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