Modo Yoga Fitness Review: {TCFG}

Modo Yoga Fitness Review: {TCFG}

"We combine our love of hot yoga with our love of community outreach and environmental awareness. Together, through this commitment, we help make the world a better place.”

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Studio: Modo Yoga Minneapolis

Location: 3252-B West lake St. Minneapolis, MN

What is Modo Yoga Minneapolis?“Modo (also known as Moksha in Canada) Yoga was built on the dream of having independently owned and community-driven studios that share their ideas, their love of conservation, an awesome hot yoga series rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga and yoga therapy concepts, and a passion for our 7 philosophical pillars. Today, studios are community hubs where yoga is just the beginning.”

"We combine our love of hot yoga with our love of community outreach and environmental awareness. Together, through this commitment, we help make the world a better place.”

There are many, many different class formats offered at this studio including: Modo Yoga, Modo Flow, Hot Flow, Barre, Kids Flow and others too!

With that many, one is sure to satisfy your inner yogi!

What to expect? Make sure that you pre-register for class online a few days prior to the actual class, as they tend to fill up quickly. Also, I know I always say to arrive early to class {to fill out paperwork and get a tour} but I’m REALLY emphasizing the early arrival both for your 1st class and for all classes afterwards because they have a very strict policy on latecomers and will not let you into class even if you are 1 minute late.

This policy may seem a bit harsh, but I love that they have set this in place as a courtesy to all other yogis to make sure their practice is not disrupted.

Also, make sure you take a peek at the Modo Yoga Minneapolis website to familiarize yourself with the rest of their studio etiquette which will inform you all about their no talking in the studio policy, how to enter and leave the hot room and where exactly to place your mat in the studio.

Last, but not least, be sure to bring your own yoga mat and yoga towel {rentals are available, if needed} a water bottle and if you’re a ‘sweat-er’ like me I’d recommend an extra sweat towel too, things are going to get HOT!

My take on Modo Yoga Minneapolis: This may be a small studio tucked into a little strip mall right next to Lake Calhoun, but boy does it get packed! And HOT! The members and instructors at this studio take their hot yoga seriously and I absolutely loved it!

I have taken multiple different formats that they offer, however my favorite is definitely Hot Flow. The instructors are wonderful and I love that the sequence varies with every class! There is no judgment whatsoever within the doors of this studio and that truly makes for one of the most enjoyable hot studios I’ve ever practiced at.

Aside from their amazing classes, I have a great deal of respect for this studio purely because of their values. They are always working to raise money for non-profits, volunteering within the Minneapolis community, and showing genuine kindness to those in need. They even offer a special discounted class on Friday evenings where the proceeds go to a chosen charity!

The sense of community within the studio itself is just as grand as that which they have established outside of the studio. From knowing your name when you walk into class to hosting frequent member dinners, this place has created such a wonderful culture surrounding their yoga practice. I honestly just cannot say enough good things about this place!

SO, if you want to calm your mind from the endless outside chatter, if you want to truly grow in your yoga practice and if you just want a good, hard, detoxifying sweat, all while feeling connected to a community, this is your place!

And that’s another edition of the {Twin Cities Fitness Guide} on this beautiful Fitness Friday!

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All photos are courtesy of Modo Yoga Minneapolis

All photos are courtesy of Modo Yoga Minneapolis

**We were not compensated by Modo Yoga in any way. All opinions are our own.