Solidcore Fitness Review: {TCFG}

Solidcore Fitness Review {TCFG}

“[solidcore] is not just a workout.  we are on a serious mission to help you create the strongest version of yourself inside and out."

Studio: [Solidcore]

Location(s): 1653 Park Place Blvd. St Louis Park, MN 55416 + 820 Mill St. Wayzata, MN 55391

What is [Solidcore]: “[solidcore] is a 50-minute, full body workout in a class-based fitness studio with no more than 14 clients in class at a time. We use slow and controlled full-body movements with constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure - yep, failure. This low-impact process forces your muscles to rebuild a more sculpted, stronger and [solid] you. The workout is different every time you come, so it's impossible for your body to plateau or stop responding.  Each class has a certified [solidcore] coach that motivates you the entire time to push yourself further than you would on your own. The studios are raw, inspiring, and welcoming. And with small class sizes, you are guaranteed a personalized, personal training-like experience every time. The music is energetic to keep you focused and having fun while you build the best body of your life.  You will be amazed by this workout and its results - guaranteed.”

Check out this awesome video to learn even more about the workout!

What to expect: As always, arrive a little bit early to the class. I know I always say this, but it is super important especially for classes where you are unfamiliar with the equipment. The [solidcore] workout and machine were brand new to me, so I was there 15 minutes prior to the start of class. The instructor gave me a brief overview of the machine, some common exercises performed + a summary of the structure of the class. I found this overview extremely beneficial and felt comfortable with was I was doing… until the class actually started.

Class was great, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re used to HIIT, weight lifting + full ROM movements, this class is going to be quite the opposite. Who ever knew that such tiny movements {even isometric holds} can fire those muscles up so much?!

Prepare to tap into your own mind and convince yourself to keep going, because there will be points at which you’ll want to quit. I also advise you to come prepared with water, regular yoga/barre attire + a good attitude {you’re going to need it}.

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My take on [Solidcore]: I have 1 word for you… OUCH. Honestly, my muscles Were. On. Fire! You know that feeling you get when you’re giving it all you’ve got at the end of a workout? Yea, well imagine that feeling starting within a few minutes of initiating the workout + lasting throughout the remainder of the class… yes fun, very fun. {catch my sarcasm?} But for real, this workout reminds me of barre classes with the small, isometric movements, the burning muscles those tiny movements create AND last but not least, this is one of the only workouts where I can get my butt kicked in a workout and walk out the door without being drenched in sweat from head to toe.

The studio was awesome, modern, bright, upbeat and the instructor was great as well. I will note that an aspect of this class that is different from any other group fitness class I’ve taken is that while you still have an instructor coaching you through all of the exercises, they do not actually participate in the workout in any way shape or form. They simply lead you through the 50-minute class based solely off of their verbal cueing. I don’t have a strong opinion on this, because even though I was new to the class and unfamiliar with some of the exercises, I was able to follow the lead of some of the {veteran} members of [solidcore] if I needed a small demonstration.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at [solidcore]. Had you asked me what I thought about the class while I was taking it I may have told you something totally different, but afterwards I felt great! If you’ve ever heard of a {love/hate relationship} this studio fits into that category 100%! There’s no doubt that with consistent attendance, your core would be more strong, toned + SOLID than ever before!

And that’s another edition of the {Twin Cities Fitness Guide} on this beautiful Fitness Friday!

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Photocred: [solidcore]

Photocred: [solidcore]

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