National Fitness Month @ CorePower Yoga

National Fitness Month @ CorePower Yoga

A look into how I celebrated National Fitness Month w/ CorePower Yoga Studios + An Interview w/ Minneapolis CPY Regional Lead, Lauren Hopps.

Did you guys know that May was National Fitness Month?!

That’s right, a whole entire month dedicated to fitness— obviously I’m going to be on board with that! And what was even better is the chance I got to spend the entire month enjoying CorePower Yoga in NE Minneapolis with some amazing instructors and yogis!

It had honestly been awhile since I had regularly attended yoga, but when offered the opportunity to join this studio for the month, I jumped at the chance and never looked back! Like I said before, the studio, the instructors, the students… I was thoroughly impressed with it all, but even better than all of that were the changes that took place within myself. Yoga is a practice that is never the same for 2 people, it’s never about comparison, it’s about what you can do, what feels good for you and your body, and quieting your mind as you breathe and move through postures that test your strength, stability and flexibility.  The sense of accomplishment associated with finding the ability to move deeper into a posture or the strength to hold a balance one more second than last is nothing short of empowering. No matter how hard I have to work to hold a pose, no matter how much sweat is pouring down my face, no matter how uncomfortable it is at times, the feeling I get while in final shavasana is unlike any other. There is no other time of the day where you’re allowed to just rest your body, to rest your mind, to forget about all else and just be—it truly is my favorite posture.

And when all is said and done, leaving the studio in sweat soaked clothes culminates the entire experience. Slightly disgusting –yes, but so, so rewarding!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m hooked on yoga and look forward to growing my practice throughout the coming months and years!

Anyways, enough about me--- let’s chat with the wonderful Lauren Hopps, the regional lead at CorePower here in Minneapolis! 

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Interview With Lauren

•    Tell me a little bit about yourself – I’m a Minnesota girl. I have an amazingly supportive family and group of friends. I love to be active and that includes yoga, biking, kayaking, weight training, swimming, dancing, (I even bought snowshoes even though I haven’t been able to use them yet) basically anything that gets me moving. When I’m not on the move, I love to cook and watch super hero movies.

•    What does yoga mean to you? – Yoga is a mirror for looking at your life off of your mat. The way that I react to challenging poses is often the same way that I react to challenges off of my mat. Practicing yoga gives me new perspective on how I’m currently navigating a challenge at work, or in traffic or in relationships with others.

•    How did you initially get involved with yoga? – I first started by accident! The regular circuit training class at my gym was canceled, so I took the yoga class happening at the same time instead. J

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•    What was your 1st experience at CP like? – It was great, unlike anything I had ever done! I took class at the downtown studio, in Yoga 3. That’s the room that’s a little bit like a long hallway. Class was small, and the instructor was really thoughtful about how she spoke to us and adjusted us. I remember being surprised about how warm it was, but also how I could easily follow along based on what the instructor was saying. CorePower Yoga offers an intensely physical workout, rooted in the mindfulness of yoga – and I really enjoyed the unique combination. 

•    How did you decide to become a CP yoga instructor? – Honestly, I did teacher training on a whim. I needed a way to add some ‘happy’ back into my life while working a corporate job that wasn’t for me. I enrolled in teacher training without having taken class at CorePower Yoga, ever. I just knew someone that had completed training already, loved it and had nothing but great things to say. Over the course of training, I learned that I loved teaching as well. At the end of training I was really excited about being able to help re-connect people with their own bodies as a gateway for connecting with their innermost-selves. 

•    What's your favorite thing about CP? – I love the people and the culture. The studio experience, teaching and management teams all work together to create this really vibrant and caring community of yogis. They genuinely enjoy each other, and share that with their students. Even our largest studio communities feel like a home-y place where everyone is known and welcomed. 

•    What format do you enjoy teaching most? – All of them, can I say that? I currently teach Vinyasa classes, Yoga Sculpt classes – which incorporates weights into CPY's signature flow and Hot Yoga. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. 

•    Favorite pose? – Humble Warrior

•    Pose you seem to struggle with most? – Rabbit pose

•    1 piece of advice you'd give to all yogi's {new or experienced}? – Pay attention to yourself. Pay attention both physically, and mentally. Listen to what signals you’re getting from your body and also to the conversation you’re having in your head. There’s lots of good information in there.

Rapid Fire Questions {because they’re just fun!}

•    Favorite athletic wear brand? – Beyond Yoga

•    Favorite Food? – Chips!

•    What's the 1st thing you do upon waking in the morning? – Honestly? Check my email for the ones that I can delete right away. Then I immediately feel productive.

•    What's 1 thing you can't live without? – Coconut oil. I use it for everything; just like that guy from ‘My big fat Greek wedding’ uses Windex for everything.

•    Sweet or Savory? – Definitely savory. Salt is my weakness.

•    Coffee or tea? - Coffee

•    Brunch or Dinner? – Both!

•    Early bird or night owl? – Night Owl, although I have a serious relationship with the sun and being outside

And that’s a wrap guys! Thanks to Molly for inviting me to participate, Lauren for taking the time to share her interview and everyone at CorePower NE, I will definitely be seeing you again soon!

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Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you did to celebrate National Fitness Month?

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All photos are courtesy of CorePower Yoga

All photos are courtesy of CorePower Yoga