What I'm Into Lately {May 2016}

What I’m Into Lately {May 2016}

Sharing all of my favorite finds over the past month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me this month.

June is here! This is an especially exciting time for me because June is one of my favorite months of the entire year! Not only do the days get longer with the early rising + late setting of the sun, but temperatures begin to rise significantly, Summer has its official beginning, AND last but not least, it’s my birthday month! And even though we're only a few days in, I can already feel that this year is going to be {the best June I’ve ever had}. The fact that our summer is fairly wide open {after a chaotic summer last year}leaves plenty of time for endless adventures with friends, my main squeeze + Joie!

But, before we jump head first into all of the awesome-ness that June has to offer, let’s chat about {What I’m Into Lately} so you can get the down low on what I’ve been up to this past month! Trust me-- this post is just as good, if not better than my inaugural {What I'm Into Lately} post back in April, so read on to find out what's been catching my attention lately!

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Food: I recently connected with a fellow small business owner/female entrepreneur here in Minneapolis by the name of Shamim, who owns Shamim’s Pantry and is the creator of some of the best ghee around! Her original ghee is tasty as ever, but what got me hooked is her vanilla honey flavor—holy smokes, that stuff is absolutely, 100%, to die for!

Fitness: I spent the entire month of May rekindling my relationship with yoga + it’s safe to say that we’re more in love than ever! Over the course of the month I was strengthened {mind, body + soul} and grew ever so fond of CorePower Yoga Studio + it’s instructors, yogis, and everything they stand for. To read more about my experience with CPY and catch the interview with their regional lead, Lauren Hopps {Click Here}.

Beauty: I’ve been using this {Homemade Toothpaste} from Noelle at Coconuts and Kettlebells for quite a few months now, and it’s a huge success in my household! Simple ingredients, little to no time spent making it, and it is extremely cost effective too! On top of all of that, my oral health has never been quite so good—try it out, you won’t regret it!

Skincare: Coconut Oil is my JAM, can literally be used for everything from cooking to sunburn relief + that’s all that needs to be said. For more information on the many ways that I incorporate coconut oil into my daily life checkout this blog post!

Product: This {Free To Be} bag from Lululemon was the perfect investment for me! I literally take this everywhere with me + carry it around way more than any purse I own! It’s perfect at the gym, at work, for blogging, traveling, beach days, etc.—I rarely leave the house without it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Family: Since last month our little fur baby Joie has grown to LOVE walks, which makes me extremely happy as this is just another excuse for me to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather. Another fun hobby we picked up is going to the dog parks! Although there are many different parks around the city, we’ve already found our absolute favorite spot over at Minnehaha Dog Park. This is just a huge park with miles and miles of trails that run along the river and through a secluded wooded area that’s filled with dogs and puppies {and their humans} of all shapes and sizes. She is still pretty shy when it comes to meeting new dogs, but she’s getting braver and soon will be playing just like all of the others.

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My June Intention: Get outside as much as POSSIBLE! Whether it’s going for a quick walk at lunch, taking my workout out of the gym doors, cozying up with a book in a chair on the patio, or any of the other endless things I could spend time doing outside, now that it’s nice out I need to make these all much higher on my priority list because this season won’t last forever and nothing but good things come from Vitamin D and fresh air!

Chat with me!

 Have you tried any of my favorite things from May? What is something you’ve been into this month? What is your intention for June?

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