Top 10 Paleo Pantry Staples

Top 10 Paleo Pantry Staples

A peek at the pantry foods I cannot live without + my all time favorite real food snacks.

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About a month {or 2---hey I’ve been busy} ago I filled you all in on what an average day inside my refrigerator was like in my post on the Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples, but that was only half of the picture. Aside from the produce, protein, and probiotics, there is actually a lot more to my diet.

When first transitioning to a paleo lifestyle, I wondered what I would do to fill the void of homemade baked goods, bedtime snacks, or quick+ easy on the go snacks. Early on was a little more difficult, but throughout the years I have found SO many awesome real food options it’s truly amazing! Finding new products to try at our local co ops, Trader Joes {TJ’s}, and Whole Foods literally lights me up like a kid in a candy store. I’m not a bit ashamed to tell you that one of Austin + my favorite things to do together is grocery shop, and it’s been this way since the very beginning. We coined the term {Co-Op Dates} back when I lived in Illinois and only saw him every other weekend and I guess the name stuck because every Friday or Sunday that’s usually what you’ll find us doing {party animals… I know.}

But now that you’re in on my {secret obsession with grocery shopping} I’ll fill you in on what exactly it is that I buy every week to keep my cabinets full and tummy nourished all week long.

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Top 10 Paleo Pantry Staples

Coconut Flour, Tapioca Starch, Almond Flour, Cassava Flour, Grain Free Flour, Gluten Free Flours

10. Honey

-Real, organic, locally sourced honey is a {must have} as it is a natural sweetener. We use it in many of our paleo baked goods, smoothies, and even coffee!

9. Grain Free Flours

- Almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca starch + cassava flour all are items readily available in our cupboard for times when we need a thickening agent, want to bread some protein, or get a craving for a paleo dessert. This brings the word dessert a little bit closer to healthy {even though paleo desserts are grain free, moderation still needs to be a focus}.

8. Coconut Aminos

-This is something that I didn’t start using until about a year into my Paleo Lifestyle, and boy was I missing out! Coconut aminos are basically a soy free {soy can have a negative level on hormone levels} version of soy sauce, that makes pretty much everything taste better. Paleo Snack Mix, stir-fry, and of course-- sushi! I usually bring a small container right into the restaurant with me, and add it to the saucer instead of the soy sauce provided.

7. Canned Fish

-This is a staple in our household because when life doesn’t allow us to cook up a dinner, we can throw some wild caught salmon, tuna, or sardines together with homemade mayo, pickles, onions and dinner’s done in 10 minutes tops!

6. Herbal Teas

-I frequently heat up a cup of peppermint or {Nighty-night} tea before bed at or use it as a warm beverage on my way out the door in the morning. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, won’t stain your teeth and definitely doesn’t have the acidity that most coffee does.

5. Dehydrated Fruit + Veggies

-My ultimate snack addiction right here people. I’m serious, I have both a sweet {and savory} tooth and a combination of banana and plantain chips hits the spot for me. I’m also obsessed with crunch, so these literally couldn’t be more perfect. {Be sure to check to see what kind of oil the plantains are fried in + make sure the banana chips are unsweetened!

4. Nuts

-Again, it’s the {crunch factor} as I like to call it and the portability of these for quick and easy on the go snacks that continually keeps me coming back for more. I try to buy organic and sprouted nuts as much as possible, but they can get a bit pricey so sometimes I’ll just go with a bag from TJ’s.

Coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, ghee, 

3. Nut Butter

-Enough said. This stuff is my addiction. Monday-Friday I eat a banana and nut butter as part of my breakfast and after over a year now, I still look forward to it every single day. It’s also perfect for smoothies, waffles or pancakes, or for carrot stick dipping

2. Spices

-Until I switched to the Paleo Diet I never {repeat never} seasoned my food—not even with salt and pepper because I’d been brainwashed to believe that anything with sodium would make me retain water and bloat up like a whale. However, fast-forward 2.5 years and our spice and seasoning cabinet is overflowing with {at minimum} one of every single spice you could ever think of, and we use them all.  Well-seasoned food just tastes SO much better.

1. Cooking Fats

-Animal fat, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil + avocado oil are all stocked on our shelves at all times. Cooking with highly processed seed oils such as canola oil is basically like consuming a trans fat {which is horribly inflammatory and toxic to our bodies}




And that’s a peek inside my paleo pantry! Check out my Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples to find out what foods I stock my fridge with weekly!

Chat with me!

Do you have any of these items in your pantry? What are your favorite real food snacks?

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