Surge Cycling Review: {TCFG}


Surge Cycling Minneapolis Review: {TCFG}

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Studio: Surge Cycling

Location(s): 5601 Wayzata Blvd. St. Louis Park + 6826 Hemlock Ln N. Maple Grove

What is Surge Cycling: “An independent cycling studio, dedicated to creating a low impact, high-intensity, and heart pumping workout that is inspirational, perspirational, empowering, and most importantly… FUN!”

Surge Cycling offers 7 different classes that area available to all fitness levels.

 |Intro To Surge | Surge Circuit | Surge Sculpt | Hip-Hop Club Cycle |

Warrior Ride |Tabata Cycle | Crunk Cycle

I was fortunate enough to be able to take both the Surge Sculpt + the Hip-Hop Cycle classes and here is a bit about what they entailed:

Surge Sculpt: “An intense 45 minute cardio and strength class; utilizing two-pound weights, adding some targeted strength moves for your arms, chest, back, and shoulders, which transforms your ride into a total-body workout. Your pedal speed at a moderate pace, using enough resistance to slow down but not so much that you can’t move your legs.”

Hip-Hop Cycle: “The Cities’ only 45 minute high energy cycling class powered to new and old school Hip Hop, R&B, Funk and Rap jams. The music and the beat is the motivation to ride! By using the BPM to simulate what to do on the bike it brings unity to the class. This ride will work your heart, make you sweat and fill your soul with rhythm.”

To find out more details about the other classes click HERE!

Classes are held mornings, mid-day and in the evenings making it very accommodating to most any schedule!

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What to expect? You’re definitely going to want to pre-register for classes on the Surge Cycle website, because classes tend to fill up quickly.  If this is your first time at Surge, arrive at the studio a few minutes early as the staff will be waiting to show you around the studio, help set up your bike, and answer any last questions you may have. I recommend wearing tight fitting clothing, as you won’t want baggy clothes getting stuck in the bike. Spinning cleats are wonderful, but if you don’t have a pair, your regular gym shoes will work too. Towels are provided during class, so no need to worry there, but you will definitely want to bring a water bottle because trust me, you will use it! Classes all last 45 minutes, so plan accordingly so you’re not interrupting class to leave early. There are no showers on site, so be mindful of that when scheduling your time after class. Other than that, bring a positive attitude and be ready to work!

My take on Surge Cycling: It has definitely been awhile since I’ve taken a cycling class, but even longer since I’ve taken a good cycling class! Back in college I was a regular in the 6am spinning class multiple times a week and I loved it, but since then finding a good, engaging class has been tough. As I walked into Surge, I was warmly greeted by multiple staff members who proceeded to show me around the studio and helped adjust my bike specifically to my needs. The dark, exotic lighting of the studio alone made me feel like I was inside a night club, pair that with the upbeat, crazy loud {I kid you not, they have ear plugs for people if they choose} music and this class just got a lot more exciting! The atmosphere is extremely energetic from the instructor, to the music, to the other participants; everyone is excited to be there. Although not much verbal interaction goes on between the participants throughout class, everyone is motivating each other to push harder and keep climbing that hill.  The instructors did a great job in both classes I took. On top of being highly motivational, they were loud and clear in their directions and gave plenty of notice prior to all transitions. One recommendation I have is to grab a bike that is one on side or the other and not directly in front of the instructor as that position can make it tough to follow along.

The Hip-Hop class was by far my favorite as it pushed me the hardest and the music was so fun, but I also really enjoyed Surge Sculpt as we used hand weights and incorporated a lot of upper body toning exercises into our ride {which was something I had never done before}.  All in all both workouts were great! I have missed cycling, as it is such a great cardiovascular form of exercise that has amazing toning effects on both the legs and glutes, and I can’t wait to stop back in for more classes!

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