BEAST Gym Minneapolis Review: {TCFG}

BEAST Gym Minneapolis Review: {TCFG}

“Personalized workouts alongside a dedicated coach with proven results.”

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Studio: BEAST Gym Minneapolis

Location: 2837 Hedberg Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

What is BEAST Gym? Bert’s Endurance + Strength Training

This gym is not like any other gym you’ve experienced, it’s “Personalized workouts alongside a dedicated coach with proven results.”

At BEAST Gym Coach Bert offers Group Training, Personal Training + Endurance Coaching to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

Training at BEAST Gym includes:

·       Group Training: This isn’t your everyday “Bootcamp. It’s group training with the direction of personal training. Every class focuses on different areas of the body, so it’s recommended that members commit to 3x/week to work the entire body.

·       Personal Training: For the individual that wants one on one direction and coaching. As the client you are given the trainers full and undivided attention for a full 60 minute workout. You also are granted access to a local meal planner, on-the-go workouts, and individually prescribed cardiovascular exercise to do outside of your training sessions.

·       Endurance Coaching: For those looking to prepare for their next race, triathlon, etc. Monthly programs {running, cycling, or swimming} with individualized workouts for every week. At BEAST everyone may not be training for the same race, training together gives the extra push + motivation to excel. 

Classes are help both in the morning + evening to accommodate everyone and weekends are always an option as well!

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What to expect? I recommend heading to the gym a few minutes early so you can 1) Meet Coach Bert and get acquainted with both the facility and other members 2) Get a small cardio warm up in prior to the start of class. BEAST gym is located in a warehouse so the temperatures are a little bit lower than usual, however you’ll be fine in your usual workout apparel because you’ll warm up pretty quick during the session. I recommend that you wear good, supportive shoes because there’s bound to be some sort of running or jumping involved. And finally, don’t be surprised if you’re being chased through Jacob’s ladder by a toddler or being giggled at by kids watching cartoons because this gym is family friendly and allows parents to bring their children with them. This makes it easy to get a workout in even when you have little ones!

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My take on BEAST Gym: The first thing I noticed upon arrival to BEAST was the atmosphere. I was brand new to this community and everyone welcomed me with open arms! The session started out with 10 minutes of dynamic exercises, and the workout itself was a 30 minutes partner circuit and 1 person would chose a cardio machine to do while the 2nd partner completed a circuit of exercises including KB Swings, Box Jumps, KB Thrusters, TRX Pikes, the sled and MORE! We ended the class with a series of sit-ups and a plank war {unfortunately I did not win this}. This was an intense workout and I was feeling it by the end, but I loved it, I live for this type of exercise! This workout was challenging, but highly effective. I have no doubt that I would see great results with regular attendance at these classes. Coach Bert kept everyone motivated throughout the entire workout and encouraged us to push our limits. Members alike contributed to the positive vibe by continually cheering one another on, especially when it was needed most {The Sled}.

BEAST gym is just like a close-knit family. They are so accommodating and flexible it’s amazing. They genuinely care about their members and love to offer them as much guidance as they can in their journey through health and fitness.  Don’t get me wrong, the workouts will kick your butt, but it’s not quite as tough with such a strong community surrounding you.

The drive from the city might be a little far, but if you’re on the west side of the city OR if you don’t mind the commute, I HIGHLY recommend you check into this gym.  The atmosphere is great, the workouts rock, and Coach Bert offers a complimentary week of group strength classes, so why not?

Oh, and I almost forgot! They partner with Origin Meals {experienced chef driven, gluten-free and dairy-free locally prepared meals that are delivered} which is awesome for anyone who follows a real food lifestyle, but would like a night off in the kitchen once in awhile!

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