YogaMN Fitness Review: {TCFG}

YogaMN Fitness Review: {TCFG}

YogaMN was the first HOT yoga studio in Minnesota! Be healthy, happy, sustainable for you!

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Studio: Yoga MN

Location: 3900 Vinewood Lane N, Plymouth MN 55441

What is YogaMN: “We are a place of mindful fun, fitness, wellness and astounding LOVE. Gladly, there is no scarcity of any of that. There is an abundance for all and we are THERE! We welcome students with all abilities, new and experienced, men, women, boys and girls of all shapes, sizes and ages. Now you just need to get your rear HERE and do something really healthy for you and everyone who comes in contact with you. We will guide and help you every step of the way, so drop-in for any class and feel the benefits!”

Classes offered: Warm flow, very warm flow, hot flow, hot 60 or 75, when pigs fly, warm pigs fly, restorative, sacred sculpt, barre and laughter yoga---learn more about each class HERE!

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What to expect: Expect a big, warm welcome the moment you enter the door. The staff at this studio is unlike any other I’ve ever been to! They are so warm, caring and genuine, I immediately felt a sense of happiness and comfort when entering the studio. HUGE shout out to all of the staff here, nice work! Other than that, expect most of the same things you would expect at any other yoga studio: remove shoes upon entering, refrain from loud noises while inside the studio, show up early to familiarize yourself with the studio and staff, bring a mat, a towel and a water bottle.

My take on YogaMN: Looking for a place where you will feel 100% comfortable practicing yoga no matter what level you are? This is it! Like I said earlier, I felt comfortable just walking into the studio and this continued to carry over into both the Warm Flow and Hot 60 classes that I took.

In each class there were various levels of yogis, all able to practice their own modifications in an inviting and accepting environment. I greatly value the lack of {intimidation factor} at a studio, because I know what it was like to be a brand new yogi and I truly believe that if I hadn’t began my practice at a down to earth studio such as this, that I would have never continued on this journey.

So on to the instructors, basically they were awesome. I already used this phrase, but I’m going to use it again because I don’t know how else to describe them except for {down to earth}. So friendly, so caring, so knowledgeable, yet so REAL! An instructor made some mistakes in my class, but instead of getting flustered, getting annoyed, or even trying to cover it up, she recognized the mix up verbally to the class and went on with practice without missing a beat. A great quality that not all instructors have!

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I love the space they have for their studio and think it’s adorable. There’s a little kitchenette with tea and water for members to enjoy, a sitting area and then the studios themselves.  Both of the classes I took were in the sun room, which was dimly lit with soft purple lighting {so relaxing} and offered a heated option.

The classes themselves were some of the most relaxing, yet challenging yoga I’ve ever practiced while in a group setting, plus I took heated classes, so that made it all the better! I don’t know if it’s the sweat steadily dripping off my face, the taste of salt on my lips or the soaking wet final shavasana, but I’m a sucker for hot yoga, so this was my jam!

Overall, this studio is great for all levels, but I would especially recommend it for beginner to intermediate AND pre/post natal mothers. I almost forgot, but YogaMN partnered with Blooma Yoga and now offer various classes made specifically for soon to be or new mothers. How awesome is that?!

And 1 last thing,  bring in a food shelf donation and you can get yourself a FREE week at YogaMN!

And that’s another edition of the {Twin Cities Fitness Guide} on this beautiful Fitness Friday!


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All photos courtesy of YogaMN

All photos courtesy of YogaMN

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