What I'm Into Lately {August/September 2016}

What I’m Into Lately{August/September 2016}

Sharing all of my favorite finds over the past month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me this month.

August was an absolutely crazy/absolutely amazing month! I was traveling for over half of the month of August {and loved every minute} but after returning home I think it literally took me a full month to catch up + get back into a {normal routine}! It is for that exact reason that I decided that it would be just fine for me to not post a What I’m Into Lately {WIIL} post in August and just combine it into my September post! So back with all of my favorites from the past 2 months, here is…

What I’m Into Lately {August/September 2016}

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Food: Choosing this one was pretty easy since over the course of our 16 day West Coast Road Trip {I promise I’ll blog about the entire thing some day} we enjoyed acai bowls AT LEAST 4-5 times, if not more. And ever since my relationship with these bowls of delicious nutrition has continued to flourish. I’m now the acai bowl queen of the house and on most weekend you’ll find that we’ve traded eggs + bacon for giant, fruity bowlllzzzzzzz! Some of my favorite ingredients for these bowls include bananas, raspberries, and blackberries, while my favorite toppings are homemade granola, nut butter and goji berries. Stayed tuned for a recipe coming to you soon! 

Fitness: Lately, running has been making a solid come back in my life. After making it through the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 Mile  I decided it was time to increase my basically non-existent running stamina, so training officially began in mid-August while on our road trip! Austin + I kind of have a thing {or I have a thing that I force him to participate in} where we run a mid-distance race at least once/year together, which makes training a lot more enjoyable! Anyways, last weekend we knocked out our longest run @ 9 miles and now with less than 1 week to go, we’ll taper down. Honestly, other than long runs and a few mid-week short 3-4 milers, we’ve kept training pretty minimal, but I’ve still got full confidence that we’ll finish no problem!

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Beauty/Skincare: I’ve already shared how much I love BC mascara and wear it every single day, however my one issue {if you can even call it that} is that it isn’t much of a volumizer. On weekdays this doesn’t bother me in the least, but when it comes to weekends or events, I do appreaciate a mascara that can make my lashes pop! So I went in search of a 2nd type of natural mascara that would come to my rescue on nights out and that’s when I got a recommendation from Cassy Joy from Fed + Fit about the W3llpeople products. I did a bit of research, just to checkout their ingredients and such and was pleasantly surprised, so I ordered myself a tube. Once I received it, I immediately opened it up to test it out, and it’s safe to say that this is another great product and I’m so happy that my makeup is finally starting the process {although it will be slow} of transitioning to all natural products.

Product: Because who doesn’t want a pair of purple leggings? Buying these leggings from a local business, Inwood Designs was the best idea before our road trip. HOLY COW are they comfy + bright + fun + high waisted + basically a girls dream pants! I wear them for workouts, errands, lazy days… basically everything and the compliments are always flowing! I think it might be time for a 2nd pair!? #mnmade #shoplocal

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Family: Over the past 2 months I’ve spent so much time with my family {and friends} and I just love it! For starters, Austin and I spent a whopping 21days straight together throughout our road trip/northern MN vacation which was SO amazing! I literally wish I could travel to new places with him every day! In northern MN we joined my family, as it was our annual trip to Leech Lake--- which was also SO amazing! We got to do some fishing, swimming, eating, and best of all… relaxing! We also had Austin’s youngest brother visit, multiple family/friend weddings, family gatherings, and plenty of nights with just the 3 of us {Austin, Joie + I}. I literally don’t think my heart could be any more full of love for the people that I’m lucky enough to go through this life with.

October Intention: Life is about to get extremely busy, so my intention for the month is simply to breathe. Every time I get anxious or stressed {usually while at work while thinking of all of the other things I need to get done that day} I’m going to just stop, close my eyes, and take 5 big, deep breaths. Full inhales, full exhales… to let those stressors go {if only for a moment} and then get back to life, just a little less stressed. #icandothis

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