VINNA Fitness Review: {TCFG}

VINNA Fitness Review: {TCFG}

“VINNA” is an Old Norse word that means work, accomplish and win.

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Studio: VINNA Fitness

Location: 3550 Dakota Ave Ste B, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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What is VINNA Fitness: “VINNA offers innovation in individual and group training programs, sport-specific training programs, and comprehensive support offerings including table stretching, injury prevention, rehabilitation and massage. These additional services are designed for use on a regular basis along with a customized training program to ensure peak performance and wellness, pain free.“

Check out THIS VIDEO to learn even more about VINNA Fitness.

Classes offered:

·       Movement/Mobility

·       Rowing

·       Total Body Conditioning

·       Kettlebells

·       Ropes + Bags

·       Yoga

·       And many more!

Read a detailed description of each class HERE.

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What to expect: Tucked into a neighborhood in the West Metro, this facility can be easy to miss as the sign near the entrance reads “CES” instead of VINNA fitness. This is due to some changes that the business owners are going through currently, so just pay careful attention when you are nearing the area and watch for the orange canopy over the entrance door that does say VINNA. As always, arrive early to the class to fill out waivers and any other paperwork there may be. You are able to complete this all online, but even if you do this prior to class I’d still arrive early to meet the instructor and get a tour of the facility.

Group fitness classes here are much smaller than many other group fitness studios as they max out at 4-6 members, depending on the class {there was only 1 other girl besides Jill + I in our class}. The logic behind this is to give superb attention and coaching to each member of the group. The facility itself definitely has more of a {gym feel—similar to BEAST Gym, if you read about that} as there are not actual group fitness studios and it is equipped with more than enough strength training and cardiovascular equipment to help you reach all of your fitness goals.

Bring water, but towels, restrooms and showers are provided on site. Having showers just makes things so much more convenient, especially for morning people!

My take on VINNA Fitness: Jill and I stopped into VINNA on a Tuesday evening and took their Total Body Conditioning class. Their instructors seem super knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining how VINNA is different than most other gyms/studios by focusing not only on increasing fitness levels, but also on injury prevention and rehabilitation. The owners are both Certified Athletic Trainers {whoop, whoop--- let’s hear it for the AT’s!} so the importance of proper prevention and rehabilitation techniques are drilled into their minds---SO GREAT!

This photo is courtesy of VINNA fitness

This photo is courtesy of VINNA fitness

The class was small, as mentioned before {3 people} and had a lower energy level than most group fitness classes I have taken before. However, something super unique {and totally beneficial} about this class + most offered through VINNA is that during the warm up, foam rolling and other techniques are used to promote elongation and relaxation of tight muscles, even more so than just simply stretching. Flexibility work is something that I usually end up shorting myself of because of the {go-go-go} mindset/schedule I have, so I greatly appreciated the extra focus on this in the class.

The workout itself lasted 22.5 minutes {the instructor just landed upon this time at random} and was made up of weighted bear crawls, single leg hip hikes, shoulder taps, squats, quad twists, TRX rows + glute raises. This was an AMRAP {as many reps as possible} type workout aka one of my favorite formats of group fitness, so everyone was able to work at their own pace while getting a kick butt workout! The last portion of class was designed to core strengthening and planks were all the rage, I wasn’t complaining though; I’d take planks over crunches all day every day!

All in all, I enjoyed the workout and the instructors, however personally I enjoy a bigger sense of camaraderie when participating in group fitness classes. This studio would be absolutely ideal for those looking for very specialized or direct/intimate coaching, those who have or have had injuries in the past, are looking to prevent injuries, or those who are new to exercise or group fitness all together. Reach out to VINNA fitness today to start your membership with a risk-free, complimentary Functional Movement Screen!  

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