Yellow Barn Wellness Review: {TCFG}

Yellow Barn Wellness Review: {TCFG}

"Life continues to surprise and reveal. It is our belief that The Barn is a part of this process and will be greatly shaped by those who join us in this journey, we hope it includes you"

Studio: Yellow Barn Wellness

Location: 2455 Delaware Ave. Mendota Heights, MN 55118

What is Yellow Barn Wellness: Yellow Barn is a family owned health and wellness studio in the suburbs of the Twin Cities specializing in various forms of yoga practice. The owners Tom + Deb created this space not only to function as a studio, but also as a small, intimate event center. The studio is on the upper level of the barn, while the main level is equipped with a full sized kitchen, dining table + living area to cozy up in and gaze out onto the beautiful pool deck.

The mission of {The Barn}: “What has evolved is a mission not based on a future objective, but rather the passions of the community drawn to The Barn. We strive to create an environment where the complexities of today are simplified back to the basics that our bodies call for—to build a balance of fitness and nutrition in an environment that encourages both.”

Current weekly classes include:

Vinyasa: {Tuesdays at 6pm} Happy Hour Yoga {Fridays at 4:30pm} Slow Flow-Beginner’s Yoga {Sundays at 2pm} + Sunset Yoga {Sundays at 7pm}

Learn more about each format specifically HERE!

*Be sure to check the schedule frequently as class times and formats are subject to change

What to expect: This place is a short drive outside of the {hustle and bustle} of the city—nothing crazy far away, but definitely not your mid city studio. There is free parking available in the driveway that can more than accommodate the class participants, so you won’t need to feel stressed out by finding a spot. Once you arrive, don’t worry if you don’t immediately see a yellow barn, it is hidden by some trees, so just follow the path and it will come right into plain sight. You may enter the barn either through the upper or lower entrances, but the studio is going to be on the upper floor. It is BYOM {Bring Your Own Mat} and as pretty standard with every class I go to, I’d recommend bringing your own water. Some classes are heated {only to 75 degrees} so if you want a towel, you’re free to bring one, but honestly if I didn’t sweat enough for a towel you probably won’t either. Yoga attire is advised, however you are free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

My take on Yellow Barn Wellness: Basically all that really needs to be said here is that I absolutely LOVE this studio. But really guys, I’m being 100% honest with you in telling you that this isn’t just {another yoga studio} this place is truly something special.

From the moment we pulled into the driveway, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. How could I tell? Well, for starters, this place is out in a semi-secluded little neighborhood where the greenery grows rampantly, the flowers are happily budding, and only a faint hum of rush hour traffic is heard. Paved paths lined with trees and gorgeous wooden lampposts lead directly to a wooden fenced entrance to the barn—can you say beautiful? It was honestly like being in a fairy tale when walking along this path and up to the barn. As we entered into the space, the instructor met us and gave a quick tour to familiarize us with it and then we headed up the stairs to the studio. The wooden floors, exposed overhead beams, and natural light that filled the studio was so different from any other studio I had ever been to, but I found it extremely calming and comforting. Maybe it’s because I grew up on a small hobby farm out in the country, but something about this space just stole my heart.

Class was simply wonderful, the small class size made it much more intimate and hands on than big-name studios. I thoroughly enjoyed our instructor, I loved her positivity and the fact that she incorporated many postures that are not commonly used by other yoga instructors, it really made her class stand out—in a good way. Throughout the entire hour positive energy was noticeably flowing. Maybe it was the doors being open allowing the warm spring breeze to flow freely throughout the room, maybe it was that the sun was shining brightly through the windows, maybe it was that feeling of pure happiness you get on a Friday afternoon, or maybe a combination of all 3. Either way, this was one of the most calming yoga classes I’ve ever been to.

We attended Happy Hour Yoga, which literally means that after class the participants and instructors are welcomed to come downstairs and grab a glass of wine {or beer} and just hangout and enjoy some time together on Friday evenings. How cool is that?! I was told that in the summertime, they even open up the pool afterwards and people can bring their bathing suits and soak up the sun, chit-chat, and enjoy each others company—Yes, this place is for real.

I did not personally meet the owners Tom + Deb, but from talking with our instructor about them and their property, reading about their story on the website, and just being able to experience Yellow Barn Wellness is all its glory, I know these people are wonderful, kind-hearted human beings. They graciously offer up a piece of their home to help others find their own peace, tranquility, and true happiness in life.  Without even knowing them, I am inspired by them and what they have chosen to do with their lives.  

I am so happy that I ventured over to Mendota Heights and was able to experience this wonderful space. Now who’s going to join me for a Sunset Yoga session, because to me that sounds like the absolute perfect way to end a weekend?!

Thanks for having me Yellow Barn and keep inspiring people like me to work hard toward our goals, because in time {and with lots of effort} they will turn into reality.


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