What I'm Into Lately {April 2016}

What I’m Into Lately {April 2016}

Sharing all of my favorite finds over the past month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me this April.

Can you believe that tomorrow is already May!? I feel like I say this more + more as I grow older, but seriously I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through 2016 already! So crazy!

Now I totally realize that it’s Saturday and I RARELY {literally never} post on Saturdays, but I’m way too excited about my latest addition to Define Fettle to hold it in any longer. I’m pumped to inform you all that I’m beginning a new {What I’m Into Lately} monthly series where I’ll fill you in on all of my favorite finds over the month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me throughout the previous few weeks.

I am hoping that this will be an opportunity for you to get to know me {and I you} a little bit better, make sure that you’re kept up to date with the health + fitness world, and most importantly a time for us to have some fun!

So here's what I've been obsessing over this past month!

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Food: RX bars— This isn’t necessarily a new product to me, but this month has been extremely {On-The-Go} and these are an easy option when I’m away from home and hunger strikes. Do I advise eating these every day? No. But, I understand that life gets busy and to date these are the best option I’ve found for a {health bar}. And just to make things a little better, Now-Sunday, May 1st their entire site is 15% off, so stock up!

Fitness:  Because gyms aren’t really my thing once the temperatures start rising, {At Home Workouts} have started to take the lead for me when it comes to exercising! I just can’t seem to justify being inside on a day that’s 75 and sunny, so I’ve traded in squat racks + bench presses for a few dumbbells, kettle bells and my favorite running shoes! Not only do I get to be in my own backyard, but I save so much time not driving to the gym, parking, putting everything in my locker, etc. etc.

Beauty: I recently picked up a couple bottles of Mineral Fusion Nail Polish at my local Co-Op simply because I didn’t want to have to made an additional stop on my way home. Needless to say, now I’m hooked. This stuff goes on nice and thick so only 1 coat is required {even with light colors} and stays chip free 3-5 days longer than other polishes I have {and I use salon grade polish}. To make things even better, these polishes are made from natural ingredients, free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates.

Skincare: I searched long and hard for a natural skincare line that left my skin glowing, armpits free of odor, and skin soft + moisturized. I took my time is testing out multiple different brands, but after trying Fat Face Skincare {currently rebranding to Fatco} I stopped my search. These products are all natural and work wonders. I am a huge fan of their moisturizer, stank stop, pit spritz + facial toner! I cannot say enough good things about this company, period.

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Product: I won a family of steins from Healthy Human Life in a giveaway on Instagram last month and I’m so {over-the-top} happy with them! These guys aren’t lying when they say that inside these steins your beverages are kept hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, plus the fact that they are made from stainless steel means no nasty residual flavors from your previous beverages. If you’re looking for high quality, these are the best.

Family: Joie is our 3-month-old Mini Goldendoodle and while she’s cuter than cute, she can be quite a headache at times too! Lately her favorite things are stealing socks, biting hands and feet, and NOT going on walks. She’s a bit unsure of going on walks still, so instead of actively participating she enjoys laying in the road and pretending she’s sleeping—we’re hoping she grows out of this soon;)

My May Intention: 3 minutes of yoga every morning upon waking. And I mean every. Single. Morning. This seems like an easy task, until you actually try to do it. I want to create positive energy immediately every morning by taking the time to breathe and just be present instead of starting my days with utter chaos. I’m telling you all this for 2 reasons. 1) So you can hold me accountable and I have someone to report back to come then end of May and 2) So you can join in on the fun + go through this {mini challenge} with me! 



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