Physical Culture Review: {TCFG}

Physical Culture(v) Review: {TCFG}

Physical Culture(V) is about a movement in the now to change your life for the better.

Studio: Physical Culture(v)

Location: 4508 Valley View Rd, Edina, MN 55424

What is Physical Culture(v): “Physical Culture(v) is a wellness revolution established to excite and inspire clients to reach a higher level of physical health. Physical Culture(v)’s mission is to combine a unique variety of top trending and intense fitness classes all in one location. This gives clients the ability to mix up their workouts without needing to belong to several fitness establishments. We have created a culture of health combining these outstanding classes with on-of-a-kind instructors, personal training, and wellness coaching. “

This studio was opened less than 1 year ago {back in June 2015} and has already made a great mark in the Minneapolis fitness community.

There are a total of 13 different classes offered with a wide variety of focuses. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the following 3 formats:

Yoga HIIT:  “This class takes the best of HIIT and provides you with maximum burn out. On top of that, you get to stretch, lengthen, and tone with powerful, heated yoga movements that challenge your inner self.”

Triple Threat: “This awesome combination class takes the best of three worlds {HIIT, Sculpt, and Barre}. You will be sweating, burning, and then sweating some more!”

Culture Sculpt: “This is a complete body workout integrating weights, cardio intervals, basic yoga positions and resistance bands to help sculpt lean muscle mass and burn fat all day long.”

To find out more about the other classes click HERE!

Classes are held mornings, mid-day and evenings, making it very accommodating to most any schedule!

What to expect? As always, you’re going to want to pre-register for classes online and arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class starting. This is pretty standard etiquette when participating in group fitness classes, just so you’re not barging into class late and disrupting the instructor or other students. Promptness is strictly enforced at Physical Culture(v) as once class begins, the doors are locked and even if you show up late, you will have to reschedule. Also, this is a BYOM studio {bring your own mat} so make sure you don’t leave the house without yours!  Some {but not all} classes are heated, so other items you will want to bring along include: yoga towel {for mat + face}, water bottle, and if you sweat like me a headband would be most beneficial! Shoes are optional for the HIIT portions of class, but I do recommend bringing them along {at least for your first class}if you're not sure how your body will respond to barefoot HIIT exercises.

My take on Physical Culture(v): If you're like me and high intensity, push yourself to the limit workouts are your jam, then this is the place for you! The classes and instructors are super high energy and make it a priority to push you {just a little further} even when you feel like quitting! The classes are all held in heated studios, so even if the heart rate spiking exercises don't elicit a sweat, the added heat in {for some classes} most definitely will! I personally LOVE a good sweat and feel much more refreshed and energized after a workout when I walk out drenched {maybe that's just me though}.

Although I participated in multiple class formats over my time at Physical Culture, I got a total body workout each and every time! Throughout the hour long workout, instructors focused on the major muscle groups of the upper body, lower body, and core to give a full body sculpt. I'll be honest and tell you that if you go to this studio, prepare to get your booty kicked into shape! It's not going to be an {easy} workout, but it will be worth it! You will feel like a million bucks when you leave and be energized to move forward with your day!

Physical Culture offers the largest variety of classes that I've ever seen at a boutique studio, which is extremely convenient for the members because you don't need to purchase multiple gym/studio packages-- You've already got it all-in-one!

Last, but not least is the COMMUNITY at this studio. Positive, cheerful, inviting... the list goes on. The instructors know the members names and welcome them into the studio and their classes. Friendly banter between the instructors and participants during classes showed that the staff at this studio really take the time to get to know their members on a very personal level. Customer service at its finest right there people!

And now here's your challenge, head over to Physical Culture and test a class or 2 out! {1st Class is FREE}  

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Photos courtesy of Physical Culture(v)

Photos courtesy of Physical Culture(v)

**We were not compensated in any way by Physical Culture(v), all opinions are our own.