Define Fettle's 1 Year Blogiversary + A Giveaway!

Define Fettle’s 1 Year Blogiversary and a GIVEAWAY!

Sharing what I've learned throughout my 1st year with Define Fettle and your Top 5 Favorite Recipes from the blog!

A whole year of pursuing my deepest passion is already here and gone, I can hardly believe it! I look back on how much I’ve grown both business-wise and personally and it really puts everything into perspective. I’ve poured my heart and soul into Define Fettle over the past 365 days and although that’s meant late nights, early mornings and some very stressful times, I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve gained for anything.  One of my all time favorite quotes is by Mr. Tony Gaskins who says {If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs} and I couldn’t agreed more!

Over the past year, I’ve learned a few things that I thought I would share with you today.

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·       Never stop learning. Honestly though. The amount I’ve learned over the past year is remarkable. From photo editing software to a new camera to marketing to group fitness and beyond, I’m overflowing with new information and ideas and hope this continues for a long, long time.

·       Genuinely connect with others. The amount of people I’ve met and connections I’ve built over the past year is simply amazing. I never once thought that doing this would introduce me to so many like-minded, strong willed, hard working people, but I am so glad that it did and I am forever grateful for their endless support throughout this journey.

·       Take time to rest. This has been one of the more difficult areas for me because there always seems to be so much to do. But, I do know that I am a lot more productive when I’ve gotten good nights sleep, so if nothing else, I’m trying extremely hard to make 7-8 hours of sleep at night a priority for me.

·       Real food is life. That is all.  No, but really, I’ve not only watched real food change my own, my family and my friends’ lives around, but I’ve witness countless clients truly find themselves and their happiness after discovering real food and the feeling is indescribable.

·       Step outside of your comfort zone.  Talking in front of complete strangers for hours at a time? Teaching group fitness classes? Pitching ideas to companies? Did I ever in my wildest dreams think that I would be doing any of these things? No, not even a little bit! But now that I have, I see how much I’ve grown as a person because of it and cannot wait for more steps outside of my {safe zone}.

·       Stop comparing. {Comparison is the thief of all joy} and in my mind nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many successful womanpreneurs out there killing it, but instead of comparing myself to them and wondering what makes them better than me, I’m trying to focus on lifting them up, congratulating them, and sharing in their happiness.  Everyone is different, everyone has their own story and something unique to bring to the table, just embrace it. Embrace yourself.

·       Build your community. If I didn’t have a community {you} of readers and supporters, I would be nothing. You’re always keeping me motivated and inspired. Always keeping me pushing to be better every day, without you I simply could not do this.

·       It’s OK to say no. The reality is, that no matter how much I’d like to, I just can’t do everything and that’s OK. Saying ‘no’ is nothing to be ashamed of, it just needs to happen once in awhile to allow adequate time to unwind, decompress, not have every hour of the day scheduled out, etc. This ‘free time’ is so important for both mental and physical health that it needs to be a priority every single week. So choose what is most important to you and do it, the rest will have to wait.   

·       Make smart investments. I have far more on my expense report than on my income report this year, however I never bought something that was not affordable for my business and myself. I do not want to enter into the entrepreneur life in debt, so this past year I bought necessities and still have many things on my {shopping list} for when my budget allows.

·       Enjoy the ride: There are going to be letdowns, mistakes, tough times and easy ones, but through it all, just keep your chin up. Radiate positivity day in and day out, no matter what the circumstances, have fun and enjoy the ride.

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That list is literally just the tip of the ice berg, as I could go on and on about the positives that this platform has brought into my life, however I had to condense it so you won't spend your entire Friday reading this;)

I’m also sharing your Top 5 Favorite Recipes from the past year!

1. Maple Vanilla Grain-Free Granola

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This is not your ordinary granola, it’s gluten, grain, and dairy free AND 100% paleo approved! This is the perfect topping to your morning acai bowls, green smoothies or grass-fed yogurt.

2. Grain-Free Taco Hotdish Boats

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These Taco Hotdish Boats make a regular appearance on our menu all year long, but especially in the fall with the spaghetti squash in our garden are flourishing! They are ideal for a healthy and delicious meal that’s quick and leaves minimal mess.

3. Buffalo Bleu Cheese Frittata

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Looking for a delicious, but simple breakfast recipe that can be made up ahead of time? I combined three of my favorite ingredients {Franks red hot, chicken and bleu cheese} into this flavor filled frittata that’s given breakfast a whole new look.

4. Cranberry Walnut Energy Balls

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Need a pre or post workout snack that’s made with real ingredients and perfect for life on the go? Whip up these no bake energy balls in less than 10 minutes.

5. Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole

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This unique spin on the traditional Thanksgiving side dish is full of nutrition and mouth watering flavor, yet free of artificial ingredients and added sugars and sure to impress the family.

I honestly am so excited for the next year that lies ahead, the new events that will come up, the new faces I’ll meet, and most importantly, the new lives that I will be able to impact. Year #1 was good, but year #2 is about to be even better!

And to kick off the celebration of my 1 year blogiversary, I’ve partnered with one of my favorite Paleo-Approved companies {Health Human Life} and we’re hosting an awesome GIVEAWAY over on my Instagram page! So head over and get entered! Winner will be announced October 23rd! #takeitwithu

Chat with me!

What recipes would you like to see more of? What topics would you like to learn more about? What is your favorite Define Fettle recipe so far?

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