Life On The Go + My Favorite {Paleo Approved} Water Bottle

Life On The Go + My Favorite {Paleo Approved} Water Bottle

With as crazy as my life has been lately, I’m always bringing my morning coffee and afternoon smoothies on the run. Not to mention, I’ve been toting a water bottle around with me everywhere I go since I can remember. I was thrilled to find a company with values that align perfectly with my own that have created the highest quality products to ensure my daily beverages are clean, toxin free and kept at the perfect temperature all day long!

Does anyone else feel like their life is always {Go, Go, Go} and there are never any breaks? Because I surely do!

I'm always adding tasks, events, and workout dates my {to-do list} and/or calendar, but nothing ever is removed, so basically I just keep getting more + more busy. At times it can be extremely stressful, because after working 8/9/10 hours at a 9-5 job who wants to come home to even more work? But the reality is, I LOVE the side gigs I've got going right now. So much so, that it honestly doesn't even seem like work and that's how I'm able to keep plugging along. I won't lie and tell you that's it's easy and that I always have positive thoughts surrounding the amount of work I'm doing, because I definitely don't. But, I'm simply taking things day by day and continuing to work hard because someday I know that it will all pay off and my life won't be restricted by the rules and regulations of the corporate world. Someday I will be my own boss AND if that's not motivating I don't know what is!

Speaking of entrepreneurs, I've got quite the company to share with you today! I first heard about Healthy Human Life on INSTAGRAM {aka my favorite social media platform of them all} when one of my good friends + I won a giveaway including a family of 4 steins for each of us! I was already pretty stoked to have won a giveaway, but to make matters better, it was a giveaway from a company that is committed to providing {safe, high-quality, high functioning, reusable, stainless steel hydration bottles} that are BPA-free, Phthalate free, lead free and paleo approved!

I was so excited to learn that the founders of this company share the same values as myself when it comes to diet and lifestyle! In fact, one of the co-founders, Natalie, began her real food/toxin free lifestyle after being diagnosed with MS and deciding to bypass all conventional drugs by eating whole foods, eliminating toxins and {you guessed it} drinking more clean water daily... And you know what, her symptoms actually significantly improved! How cool is that?!

Ok so I was already in love with the founders and the company, but I had yet to try their products {dun, dun, dun...} the moment of truth was when that prize box filled with steins arrived on my doorstep.

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It took less than 12 hours to figure out that I was never going back to my old plastic travel coffee mugs or my mold-filled water bottle caps, I was hooked on Healthy Human Life

-By the amount of time my liquids would stay hot {piping hot} and cold {ice cubes don't melt}

-By how easy the were to clean

-By how they didn't hold any odors from previous beverages

-By how durable they are

-And of course by all of the fun colors they offer!

I literally use one {usually 2} of these products every single day now. I use the 32oz stein for constant and clean hydration throughout the day and at the gym. I use the tumbler for my smoothies, cold teas, or other chilled beverages that I regularly take on the go. And last but not least, I use the 18oz stein for coffee, bone broth or beverages that I want kept HOT for hours + hours {and yes, sometimes it takes me a few hours to finish a cup of coffee}.

Some might call me obsessed, but making sure I'm drinking the most pure and nontoxic water possible is a top priority for me. Just like I pay close attention to what foods and ingredients enter my body, I pay attention to the liquids that enter in and the toxins I am regularly exposed to as well. This is caring for your entire body in the best way possible. These guys will always have my vote. #takeitwithu  

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