Ham Bone Soup

Ham Bone Soup

-This paleo twist on the traditional Ham + Bean Soup will have you drooling for more!-

The holidays are long past us now, but aside from my Christmas tree that I have yet to put away {don’t judge, it’s still January}, not much remains from that joyous time of year. I did however peek into my freezer the other day and notice that I still had a perfectly preserved ham bone just hanging out + waiting to made into something tasty!

Paleo Ham Bone Soup, Grain Free, Gluten Free

Since it’s still cold here in MN {I like to pretend we’re not in the dead of the winter, even if we are} + soup season is far from over, what better way to incorporate this ham hock into my blog than to turn it into soup! I had already used beef {Southwestern Chili} + chicken {Chicken Vegetable Soup} as protein sources for my January Soup Series, so it was definitely time to change things up a bit + add pork into the rotation.

Honestly, out of all of the soups I’ve made {not just for my blog, but in life} this is the easiest + best tasting of them all! I literally had all of the vegetables chopped + ready to go the night before, so that once morning came it was a piece of cake {gluten-free cake, of course}. I tossed everything into the my crockpot, set it on 8 hours, + headed back to work, only to return home to the most amazing aroma filling my house. I had to let it cool a bit before I could sample it, but it was well worth the wait. It tasted even better than it smelled and took less than 20 minutes to prepare total!

I happily bring you the 3rd soup of the January Soup Series… 

Homemade Paleo Ham Bone Soup, Dairy Free, Real Food, 21DSD

Real Food Ham Bone Soup, Homemade, 21 Day Sugar Detox, Sugar Free

Ham Bone Soup


·       1 Leftover Ham Bone

·       4-6 Carrots, sliced {chose a # based on how thick you like your soup}

·       ½ White Onion, diced

·       3 Celery Stalks, diced

·       ½ Cabbage Head, cut into large chunks

·       1 ½ Tbsp. Sea Salt

·       1 ½ Tbsp. Ground Black Pepper



1.     Add all ingredients to a crockpot

2.     Cover with water {filtered, if possible}

3.     Allow to cook 8-10 hours

4.     Carefully remove the ham bone + debone it, adding the meat back into the crockpot

5.     Allow the soup to cool 10-15 minutes

6.     Enjoy all of the deliciousness!


Do you save your holiday ham bones? If so, what is your favorite way to use them?

Grain Free, Gluten Free, Ham Bone Soup, Paleo, Primal 
Paleo soup, homemade soup, winter soup, grain free, gluten free
Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Ham Soup

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