Homemade Medjool Date Trail Mix

Homemade Medjool Date Trail Mix

-This delicious Paleo alternative is the perfect on-the-go snack for hiking, road trips, or just plain busy days.-

If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with snacks {mostly bedtime snacks} + admittedly have them most nights of them week. I’m not overly proud of this habit I’ve created, however it hasn’t caused enough of a stink in regards to my overall health to warrant ridding myself of it…yet Now, I’m not saying that I toss back an entire bag of almonds or down a whole dark chocolate bar to satisfy this craving, but I do have a small bowl of trail mix or the addicting {Paleo Snack Mix} once I’ve cleaned my plate at night;)

Not only is this a new recipe that I can add to my Trail Mix Collection for nighttime snacking, but it is absolutely perfect for a Paleo-on-the-go option. Life gets crazy between work, appointments, kids, making dinner, hitting the gym, our daily tasks are endless {at least that’s how I feel} + sometimes you’re not exactly prepared for hunger every time it strikes. So, throw together this quick + easy Homemade Medjool Date Trail Mix + keep a jar in your car, gym bag, or cubicle at work for a nutritious snack at any time!

Paleo Trail mix with dates, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate chips

Homemade Medjool Date Trail Mix



  1. Start by removing the pits from the Medjool Dates + chopping the dates into small pieces

  2. Next, combine all ingredients in a large bowl + mix thoroughly

  3. Finally, {I know this is a long one} store the mix in an air tight container or jar

Just a warning that you might become addicted, because this recipe is THAT good, so be sure to consume in moderation;)

Are you more of a sweet or salty person?

As for me, it’s a toss up. I LOVE them both way too much to ever be able to choose a favorite;)


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Paleo on the go trail mix
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