Define Fettle's Best of 2017 + What To Expect In 2018

Define Fettle's Best of 2017 + What To Expect In 2018

Closing out the year with a recap of the most viewed posts from 2017 along with my personal highlights of the year and what happens when you don't exactly hit your goals.

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It’s my last post of 2017--->>> how is that even possible?! And I’m spending time recapping the year both for Define Fettle as well as adding a bit of a personal recap too! I was reading through my {Best of 2016 Post} and noticed that I wrote around 66 posts in the year 2016 and wasn’t happy with that and set a goal to do more in 2017… spoiler alert--->>>that definitely didn’t happen!

As you’ll read there will a few larger life experiences that happened in 2017 and when life happens, some of your goals get pushed in another direction. Am I mad about the year 2017? Absolutely not! I truly believe that it was one of my best years yet! Maybe I didn’t quite hit my goals for # of posts, but I’ve accomplished many things I never even thought of when I was setting goals for 2017! Life doesn’t always go exactly how we expect, but that’s ok… that’s what keeps it fun and interesting! Learn to roll with the punches and always, always, always keep your head up because good things will come your way when you radiate positivity!

Now, for the extra fun stuff! I'm recapping my top recipe posts, workout posts AND experiences of the year 2017--->>> It's always fun to see what content you guys enjoyed the most and it's a great way for me to plan new stuff for the upcoming year. Let's see what kinds of food and workouts were your favorite!

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Top 10 Recipe Posts

  1. Paleo Vanilla Chai Porridge

  2. Paleo Style Shrimp Ceviche

  3. Anti Inflammatory Golden Milk Latte

  4. Apple Pie Smoothie

  5. Beet-Berry-Banana Smoothie Bowl

  6. Hamburger Rice Hotdish

  7. Oven Roasted California Vegetables

  8. Vanilla Apricot Energy Balls

  9. Lemon Raspberry Shrubs

  10. Pumpkin Berry Power Smoothie

Top 5 Experiences

Purchasing Our 1st Home: While it’s been SO much fun to have our own home to transition into exactly what we want, it’s been a ton of work as well. We bought our house in March and within minutes of closing on it, the renovating began. Only a few hours after getting the keys, our only bathroom had been stripped down to the bare bones--->>> no toilet. no shower. no bathtub. no sink. no nothing. And it stayed this way {correction: the toilet was replaced within days} for many weeks following. We basically started every other project immediately as well: painting all of the walls and woodwork, tearing down walls to open the space up, replacing appliances, building a breakfast nook, installing light fixtures, etc… and that was just the inside! I can confidently say that we are now 90% done with the work on the main level of our house and we’re loving it! Next up: window replacements, new landscaping, deck extension and whenever we finish up those projects… the basement awaits:)


Punta Cana: Within days of closing on our house, Austin and I frantically unpacked all of the boxes we’d just moved in search of our summer clothes and headed to the Dominican Republic for a MUCH needed getaway. Whenever we travel out of the country we shut our phones off at the airport and don’t turn them back on until we arrive home and it is SO refreshing to get away from the comparisons on social media and just relax and spend some quality time together. The vacation couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!

New Job: There’s no denying that I was pretty unhappy at my previous job/employer and had been actively seeking out a new job for almost 2 years before I landed the job in sports tech sales that I have today. There’s also no denying that I have goals of being self-employed someday, but for the time being I need to have a full time gig and it’s SO much more enjoyable when you work in an environment with people who think outside the box and are actually excited to show up to work everyday.  


NYC: Austin’s brother Logan moved to NYC to work on his PhD about a year and a half ago and we finally got out there for a visit! We were there roughly 4 days and did a ton of sightseeing {and walking} in those 4 days, but it was so fun. To BRIEFLY recap we: saw wicked on broadway, went to the statue of liberty and ellis island, hit up times square and central park, walked across the manhattan bridge, went to ground zero, spent hours walking around Brooklyn looking at all of the amazing street art, went to Top of the Rock at sunset, ate the best acai bowls, did yoga and obviously rode the subway a ton. If you ever need recommendations let me know!

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DefineYOU Retreat: I just realized that these experiences are in chronological order by date and not by which is best {because they were all the best} but realistically, Baonhi and I worked our literal asses off to pull the inaugural DefineYOU Retreat together and it was SO amazing to be able to watch the weekend unfold before our eyes that first weekend of October. Taking on an event of this magnitude was no small endeavor and after everything was said and done, hosting the retreat is one of the things I’m most proud of. Not only in 2017, but in my entire life and I’m pumped to be able to share details of the 2018 retreat with you soon! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, find the full retreat recap here.

Top 3 Workout Posts

  1. 8 Strengthening Resistance Band Exercises

  2. 20 Minute HIIT Cardio + Abs

  3. Bodyweight Tabata Cardio Crusher


What to Expect In 2018

  1. More recipes, more recipes! I dedicated A LOT of time in 2017 to planning the DefineYOU Retreat, so I’m hoping since we’ve got the 1st one under our belts next year might be a bit less stressful...maybe? So that I can dedicate more time to content creation.

  2. Speaking of… the 2nd DefineYOU Retreat is coming Fall of 2018! Stay tuned for details on specific dates so that you can mark your calendars early!

  3. Workouts with VIDEO. I am not the biggest fan of being in front of the camera, but I realize that for proper form it’s pretty essential that you can visually see someone performing each exercise from start to finish, so stay tuned for my official video debut;)

  4. Community over everything. I’m LOVING the community we have going in our Define YOUR Health FB Group {join now if you haven’t already} and plan on continuing with our daily threads and monthly meetups, but also adding in a lot more FB lives and exclusive content that nobody else has access to!

  5. Product recommendations will be resurfacing as well. After taking about a year hiatus from sharing {What I’m Into Lately} on the blog, there was an overwhelming amount of requests for these type of posts to return--->>> keep your eyes peeled!

There are a few other things I have up my sleeve, but I like surprises so I’ll keep the rest to myself until further notice;)

Chat with me!

What was your favorite part about the year 2017? Is there something you’re looking forward to in the New Year? Have you sat down to think about your intentions or resolutions for 2018 yet?

Wishing you and yours the happiest year yet in 2018!

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