Barre Bliss Review: {TCFG}

Barre Bliss Review: {TCFG}

Barre Bliss: The way one feels after working their body in a systematic way on the yoga mat and at the barre then creates the feeling of bliss.

Studio: Barre Bliss

Location(s): 2908 Harriet Av S. Minneapolis, MN 55408 {Uptown} + 5806 W 36th St

St Louis Park, MN 55416

What is Barre Bliss:Barre Bliss Studio is unlike any other fitness or yoga experience. We provide a warm, inviting yet challenging environment and the tools to create change by offering our signature formats in Barre Bliss™ and Cycle Sculpt™. Clients who are new, veteran or somewhere in between will find our schedule has classes for all levels, shapes and sizes. Join us and Move Your Soul.”

Many different formats of classes are offered and you can read about them all HERE, but I was able to participate in both the Barre Bliss + Barre Bliss Cardio.

Barre Bliss:Barre Bliss is yoga, dance conditioning, isometric movements and ballet. Unlike any other “barre workout” we combine these principles into one class to sculpt, tone and leave you feeling invigorated. Classes are 60 minutes in length unless noted otherwise. ALL levels welcome.”

Barre Bliss Cardio: “Barre Bliss Cardio is similar to Barre Bliss but we add three cardio segments to amp things up. It is suggested that students take 5 Barre Bliss classes before attending a Barre Bliss Cardio class.”

With 2 locations in the city and a wide variety of class times, you should have no problem fitting your workouts into your schedule!

What to expect? Bringing your own mat is recommended, but you do have the option to rent a mat at the studio if you choose. I would also advise you to bring a water bottle to keep you properly hydrated throughout class. Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class just to allow time to introduce yourself to the instructor, set up your area, and to ensure that you are fully prepared for your workout. I visited the St. Louis Park location, which had very convenient and free parking, but I am not sure about the parking in Uptown so I would recommend leaving extra time if you choose to take your classes at the location.

Other than that, I recommend wearing leggings and a form-fitting top to allow you to check your form throughout the duration of class. Also please note that shoes are not needed for the barre and yoga classes, but they are required for the cycle sculpt class.

My take on Barre Bliss: I’ll be honest when saying that I am far from good at barre workouts, and it’s for this reason that I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with them. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m used to high intensity training, weight training, and running but my focus is usually training larger muscle groups through full range of motion{ROM}, rather than training small muscle groups through small ROM and boy could I feel the burn with these classes!

Being in the releve {rel-a-VAY} where you rise up onto the balls of your feet to perform the exercises, is a fairly common position in barre clases, but it’s nearly impossible for me! Literally I think out of all exercises out there this is the one I’m the worst at {except maybe pull-ups} but seriously, working in releve is serious business!

The instructors I took classes with were both very experienced in this type of group fitness and did a great job of keeping the workout flowing, cueing for correct postures, and engaging with familiar faces in their class. One thing I would note is that since there was only a very small desk with a laptop used as the front desk, I think that the level of instructor engagement with new participants both during and after class could increase just to make sure that they are comfortable with the class, to answer any questions that might come up, and to offer other services that they may not know about.

The St. Louis Park studio was a great, naturally lit space that was definitely conducive to this type of exercise, however I think that the overall setup made the class feel a little bit separated. Previous Barre Studios that I have been to were all setup where the participants were fairly close together, whereas this studio had a front and a back row that were several yards apart from each other, just making the room feel more divided at times.

Overall, this is a unique fitness studio here in Minneapolis that definitely fits the mold of the ever popular boutique studios. I can tell that there is a sense of community that is building within its walls, with women of all ages included and that is something that I can truly appreciate! Like I said before, the classes were lower intensity than what I’m used to, so while it was definitely good for me to take the classes, expose my body to something unusual, and practice the positions, I do think I would have liked just a touch more intensity in each of the classes to really push me outside of my comfort zone. But, maybe I’m just weird for thoroughly enjoying when I’m soaked after a workout;)

Be sure to checkout Barre Bliss online and sign up for your 1st week FREE so you too can experience the Barre Bliss Way!

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Photos courtesy of Barre Bliss

Photos courtesy of Barre Bliss

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