Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples

Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples

-An inside peak at what following a paleo/real food diet actually looks like.-

So pretty much every time I tell someone that I follow a paleo or real food lifestyle where I don’t eat grains, processed foods, or added sugars their immediate response sounds something like this“Well, what do you even eat then?”

This statement in and of itself makes me so sad. What has the Standard American Diet done to people these days, cast some sort of spell on them? It is nearly impossible for people to even fathom a life where they don’t wake up to cereal and toast, spend their lunches in the drive through of the closest fast food restaurant, and consider their fresh batch of Hamburger Helper {Home Cooking}.

Really though, the amount of chemicals, additives, and sugar people consume on a daily basis is outrageous and nobody even bats an eye. But, when I say that I don’t eat bread and pasta, all hell breaks loose because I have to be some kind of crazy to eat that {restricted}.

What people don’t understand is that my food {restriction} and calorie counting days ended about 3 years ago when I started following the paleo lifestyle. Focusing on consuming real food and eliminating processed foods from my diet is literally the best thing I could have ever done for my healthy {both physically +mentally}.  I eat more freely now that I ever have before and I love the way I look and feel every single day!

My regular diet consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seed + healthy fats. I choose to avoid foods such as dairy, grains, processed food + sugars, legumes, starches and alcohol {for the most part, because who doesn’t like a glass of wine here or there} because personally I feel so much better without them! If you think this is restrictive eating, it’s time to start experimenting in the kitchen, because let me tell you… that the taste alone of meals using real food ingredients is enough to turn you into a straight food connoisseur. Your taste buds evolve and you begin to really appreciate home cooked meals and the quality of the ingredients!

Maybe my grocery bill is slightly higher than the average American’s, but then again what does the average American spend on medical bills yearly? According to the CMS, in 2014 the average American spent nearly $10,000 on health care {insert jaw drop}. So while that is going on in the majority of homes in this country, I can honestly tell you that for the past 3 years, I’ve spent less than $200 total on health care. Maybe some call my grocery spending frivolous, but I call it proactive. I’m not about to spend thousands of dollars on MD visits + medications when I can control the majority of my own health by nourishing my body with real food.

So back to the initial question, “What do I even eat?”

To answer that question once and for all, today I’m sharing with you a peek into my refrigerator and my Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples {aka the foods that fill my grocery cart weekly}!

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 Top 10 Paleo Grocery Staples

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10. Lacroix

-Sparkling water feels like a treat after a long day of work {Grapefruit is my fav!}

9. Lemons

- I use these daily for hot lemon water, salad dressings + gummy recipes.

8. Applegate Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs

-Can you say breakfast on the go?

7. Fresh Fruit

-I love all fruit, but usually have apples + bananas as staples and add in a crate of berries for a treat here or there.

6. Leafy Greens

-Kale, spinach, arugula… I’ve got to have something to make my giant salads with.

5. Raw Vegetables

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-These change weekly {depending on our meal plans} but I usually keep at least 3-4 different types of veggies on hand for easy dinners, egg bakes + guilt-less snacking options!

4. Probiotics

-We either have kombucha, RAW sauerkraut or fermented pickles or sometimes all 3 find their way into the cart.

3. Eggs

-Cage free, organic, pasture raised eggs are hands down the best tasting eggs money can buy!

2. Bacon

-We’re BIG fans of Beeler’s Bacon {especially their garlic pepper kind} and it’s become part of our weekend breakfast tradition.

And finally… #1… Avocados!!!!

-Choosing between bacon + avocados for the #1 spot was tough, but Avo’s win because they are perfect travel or work snacks, salad toppings or dressings, and well mainly because… Guacamole!


That’s a wrap, 10 Paleo foods I cannot live without!


And there you have it. Call my diet {restrictive} if you want, but that all looks pretty darn good to me! Stay tuned for a post on my favorite pantry items as well.

Chat with me! What are your thoughts on the real food/paleo diet? Would you eat any of my staple foods? What are some of you staple grocery items?

P.S. I should probably mention that we get all of our meat in bulk from local farmers or my parents so although beef, chicken, pork, etc. ARE staples in our house, we don’t have to buy them very often;)

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