What I'm Into Lately {October/November 2016}

What I’m Into Lately {October/November 2016}

Sharing all of my favorite finds over the past month—food, fitness + health related, projects or intentions I’m working on, and basically whatever else that’s really been speaking to me this month.

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So obviously this post is a few weeks delayed, but I’m a strong believer in the saying {better late then never} so here it is. I could go on and on with the reasons why this post didn’t get published before we closed out November, but let’s just say that life happened and well, it just didn’t. I’m working towards having a regular posting schedule again in 2017, so just bare with me a bit longer and I promise Define Fettle will get all of the digestive kinks out and be much more regular soon… Haha please tell me you get my weird, health nerd kind of humor?

Ok, ok, I’m sorry so before I tell any more horrible jokes, let’s dive right in.  

What I'm Into Lately {October/November 2016}

Food: I’ll be brutally honest with you and tell you that October and November were filled with meals that were created basically by tossing vegetables, protein and healthy fats together and sautéing them in a skillet. In case you missed it, fall in MN was freaking amazing and long and warm and glorious, so spending time in the kitchen was not a top priority for me. This doesn’t mean that I ate fast food or TV dinners or any of that garbage, it just means that I ate quick, simple, nutrient filled meals and there’s a good chance that the majority of them were not even decent enough looking for a snapchat. But hey, here’s just another reason why I laugh under my breath when people tell me they don’t have time to cook healthy. Because realistically it doesn’t take much time at all to eat real food. Chop, sauté, eat, done.

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Fitness: My fall was really filled with a random assortment of activities when it comes to fitness. In October Austin and I ran the Twin Cities 10-Mile, so we spent a good majority of the late summer/early fall training for that. Then after the race I basically bounced around everything from heavier lifting and HIIT workouts to yoga and barre classes but the thing that stands out most in regards to fitness this fall was the inaugural {Sweat Local} event hosted Christy from The Chi List, Michelle from Sunshine and Superfoods, MN Power Yoga, and myself.  

What is Sweat Local? It is combining the love for a healthy lifestyle, discovering cool local places and making real connections. We are here to create a community that builds self-confidence and self love while empowering one another.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for news about our 2nd event coming up after the New Year!

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Beauty/Skincare: I honestly didn’t change up much with my beauty/skincare routine these past few months, however I guess I did make 1 small change. I decided to slowly start transitioning over to cleaner beauty products {something that has terrified me for years because I love my go-to makeup brands} and in addition to switching out my mascara {which I told you about in the last WIIL edition} I finally tossed my old eye shadow primer in the trash for good.  It took me a bit of trial and error, but I found a {clean alternative} that was already right inside my bathroom cupboard! I now use pure aloe vera gel to set my eye shadow and make sure that it doesn’t smudge or crease throughout the day and it’s been working like a charm! I would have never ever have thought to use this, but I am so glad that I gave it a shot. Super inexpensive, completely non-toxic and 100% effective… what more could you want?!

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Product: Since the holiday season is upon us now, I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite products for the fitness enthusiast in your life {or maybe for you to add to your Christmas list this year} in The Fit Lady’s Holiday Gift Guide. I personally have and regularly use every single item on this list in my daily life and am so excited to share all of these amazing finds with you! 

Family: I am grateful to have been able to spend a good amount of time with our families over the past few months, but I think Joie was probably the most excited about this out of anyone in our family. She LOVES going to visit our parents and getting to spend endless hours playing and hanging out with the rest of the pets in the family including: Andy {a golden retriever}, Carly {a golden doodle}, Marley {a shih tzu} and Jax {another shih tzu}. It is so much fun watching them all play and interact together and then crash at the end of the night because they are all exhausted. Maybe for Christmas I’ll them to sit still long enough for a group photo!

December Intention: To be present. Nothing gets me fire up like finally getting to spend some quality time with your loved ones and then letting electronics be the center of attention instead of one another. Whether I am at home with my own little family or at a relatives for a holiday gathering, my intent is to decrease my time spent utilizing electronics {phone, computer, etc.} and increase my time spent being completely present.

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful, happy and healthy holiday season!

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