DIY Lavender Bath Salts

Dermal magnesium supplementation with epsom salt baths


-Relaxation, detoxification, decreased inflammation, and MUCH more all from taking a bath.-

'Bath time' becomes a regular habit in our lives, beginning shortly after birth and continuing throughout the remainder on nearly an every day basis. As we age, baths turn into showers and although at times we are able to find rest and relaxation in a hot, steam-filled shower, the ugly truth is that usually we don't have much time to truly enjoy this experience because we're rushing off to work, appointments, or other obligations. 

What we fail to realize is how beneficial it can be to make time in our busy schedules for 'bath time', even today as adults! Not only it give us a mental and physical break from the world around us, but by simply adding some epsom salts to your bath water, you can also experience a multitude of other health benefits. 

Some benefits of epsom salt baths include:

epsom salt bath, baking soda, essential oil
  • Magnesium Supplementation: Another name for epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate. Magnesium is a mineral that we are commonly deficient in and low magnesium levels can lead to muscle soreness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and many others. Instead of turning to an oral supplement, many people add some epsom salt to their bath in order to absorb the Magnesium directly through their skin.
  • Safe Alternative: It is much less likely that 'overdosing' occurs when a supplement is absorbed through the skin rather than taken orally, thus many choose to use the bath vs. a pill for adding more Magnesium into their life. 
  • Detoxification: Magnesium stimulates an increase in blood flow and oxygen to our body, which promotes toxin removal.  
  • Anti-inflammatory Agents: Epsom salt is a great option for decreasing inflammation related to DOMS, menstrual cramps, sunburn, minor injuries, and others. 
  • Natural Laxative: Many people prefer using epsom salt baths to over the counter laxatives as their effect can be much more gentle. 

If those benefits aren't enough to make you want to grab some epsom salt, a good book and a glass of wine and head into the whirlpool, I don't know what would. But, just for fun I added Lavender essential oil to this recipe as well for additional benefits such as decreased anxiety, sleep promotion, digestive health promotion, relief of skin irritations and minor cuts, relief of respiratory distress & countless others. 

Decreased anxiety with lavender essential oil

DIY Lavender Bath Salts


·       2C. Epsom Salts

·       ½ C. Baking Soda

·       20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil


1.     Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized bowl

2.     Store in an air tight jar

3.     Use ¼ - ½ C. of the salts in each bath

Have you ever taken an epsom salt bath? If so, what is your favorite essential oil to use? If not, are you eager to try?

Lavender essential oil in an epsom salt bath for relaxation
diy lavender bath salts

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