How To Get Your Exercise This Summer

How To Get Your Exercise This Summer

Summertime is finally here! I can say that because here in Minnesota, today was the first official day with temperatures above 90 degrees. And while you RARELY hear me complain about the heat (it’s a different story with the cold), at times I find it very difficult to find the motivation to workout in these conditions and I have a feeling that I’m not alone in this.  

Who really enjoys going for a run when sweat starts running into your eyes before your shoes have even been laced? How often do you choose to make an appearance at the gym when you could be sitting on a patio sipping on a margarita or cold beer? And finally, does anyone actually have free time in the summer? Between weddings, family events, birthdays, vacations, lake days and much more it can seem utterly impossible to add physical activity into your daily schedule.

Now that we’ve gotten through what I consider to be “a bunch of lame excuses to make us feel better about ourselves”, let’s talk about some simple ways to eliminate these excuses from our vocabulary this summer.

1.   Exercise in the early morning!

-Get your day started early and in a positive way. Sneak in a workout before you head to the office and you’re not only beating the heavy gym traffic, you’re also beating the heat and just think of all the extra time you’ll have after work to do whatever you want. Plus, who doesn’t like to watch a sunrise?

2.    Get active in the great outdoors!

- Seriously though, there are so many awesome & physically challenging things we can do outside of walls and away from heavy weights & roaring treadmills. Whether it’s going for a run in a new place, hiking miles upon miles, or kayaking through the open water, I’m telling you these activities are not only physically rewarding but mentally as well. You won’t regret it!

3.    Bodyweight circuit workouts are AMAZING in a time crunch!

-Aside from the fact that you can do them almost anywhere, these routines are one of the most quick and effective ways to torch those calories! Simply by setting aside 20-30 minutes of your day your body will reap so many benefits. From better heart health to increased metabolism, to stronger muscles and bones, if you’re short on time, here’s the answer for you.

I truly hope that each & every one of you is able to find a way to stay active this summer, yet still be able to enjoy the beautiful weather that summer has to offer.

And finally, as a special gift to you, I’ve included my “Problem Area Circuit.”  This circuit is something that is bodyweight exercises only and can take place nearly anywhere.


XOXO -brit

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