:Client Testimonials:


     "The first round of the 21 Day Sugar Detox was brutal. I had side effects ranging from cravings and mood swings to headaches and constipation. However, Britany helped me stay focused and motivated to see this detox through to the end and I’m so glad she did. The side effects soon went away as did the few pounds my body was unwilling to give up through exercise. I was feeling great! At the close of this detox my body looked great, my bloated tummy was flat, and I had more confidence and willpower to make good nutrition choices. Each detox that I have done since the first has been easier and easier to complete. Partly because I have an amazing coach and friend who cares so deeply about my health and well being and also because I know my body thrives with this type of nutrition. Through these detoxes, interesting things began to happen beyond weight loss and diminished sugar cravings. I was able to TASTE REAL food! My appreciation for flavors naturally occurring in food was increased tremendously. After the detox, food with additives or sugar substitutes tasted disgusting! (like rubber tire, disgusting). I look at it this way, detox brought me through all kinds of yucky feelings in the beginning to really understand what processed and sugary foods was doing to my body and to appreciate what goodness natural foods provide to my overall well being.  At my lowest weight I weighed 155 but the number didn’t matter to me anymore. I understood that the premise of this detox was about health and giving your body the fuel that it deserves." 

-Jessica W.

"Hi Britany, I just thought I would check in with you after the holidays. As you know, I completed my 21 day detox. I have been adding foods back in but will never go back to the way I was eating before the detox. Since October 1st I have lost 15 pounds and my blood glucose has gone from 140 down to 114! For Christmas my husband bought me a ninja bullet and a food spiralizer. Ordinarily, I would not be excited about kitchen appliances for Christmas but this year I was thrilled. I can't tell you how happy I am that I took your class. It has completely changed my life and was the first step in getting my health back on track. Thank you so much for all of your help and support."

-Pat M.

I guess I didn't realize just how much my body and life had changed off sugar until I was back ON sugar. During the detox, I felt better from the inside out. It was as if I could feel my blood running through my veins cleaner -- if that makes sense. I felt I had more energy. After the first week, saying no to sugar became easier with every passing day. It was a way of life... What I hadn't realized about the detox was how much my mood swings and energy levels had leveled out. I was more patient, relaxed and had a consistent level of energy throughout the entire day, and slept well at night! 

-Leanne T.

I was totally lost and struggled to make healthy meals, I hated cooking! With Britany's help and guidance from the 21DSD materials, I've been able to not only grocery shop smarter, but make easy, healthy and delicious meals... which continued even after the 21days were through. The 21DSD has now turned into a lifestyle for me and I'm so grateful to have found Britany and this program. 

        -Sunni R.



Hi there!  I'm Britany, a real food lover + fitness fanatic living in Minneapolis! I love nothing more than a good workout, a cup of hot coffee, nut butter, + very, very dark chocolate.  Read more...

Hi there!

I'm Britany, a real food lover + fitness fanatic living in Minneapolis! I love nothing more than a good workout, a cup of hot coffee, nut butter, + very, very dark chocolate. Read more...

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