My Intentions for 2016

My Intentions for 2016

-For me, the start of a new year isn’t about changing who I am, it’s about finding ways to better myself and creating intentions is just another way to make sure that I follow through with them.- 

2015 has been another great year that I have nothing but good things to say about!  

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I gained 2 certifications (Personal Training and 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaching), began a blog, started a photography business, and really dived into entrepreneurism. Traveling was kept to a minimum this year with only a trip to Colorado in early spring and a few long weekends in northern Minnesota, yet nonetheless I am always thrilled to get away from ‘real life’ for any amount of time. I spent the majority of my summer and fall celebrating the beauty of love with the 4 bachelorette parties, 3 wedding showers, 2 rehearsal dinners, and 5 weddings that I attended. Although it was busy, I wouldn’t trade seeing my friends and family so happy for anything in the world.

 In the free time I did have this year I spent as much time outdoors as possible! Running, kayaking, hiking, basically anything active and I’m all for it. My boyfriend loves biking so he bought both of us new bikes (peddle bikes, not motorcycles) and after a 15-year hiatus from riding, I was forced relearn the sport.  I’ll be honest with you and say that my skills were pretty pathetic initially, I took a couple pretty embarrassing spills & was even told that someone’s grandmother could ride faster than me, but by summers end I got it figured out and could ride just like all the rest.

Other than that, life was fairly uneventful, but I’m ok with that. It was a year filled with quality time with family and friends and that’s all I really need.

As I look ahead into 2016, I know that I have big dreams for myself and I wanted a way to hold myself accountable for these dreams. Now, I have never been one to set New Years Resolutions, but I came across the idea of setting intentions {intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan} instead. For me, the start of a new year isn’t about changing who I am, it’s about finding ways to better myself and creating intentions is just another way to make sure that I follow through with them.

Yoga to follow my heart

 My Intentions for 2016

1. I intend to follow my heart

·       If I want to do something, I’m going to do it. I won’t let anyone else’s thoughts or opinions influence decisions in my life.

2. I intend to love what I see in the mirror

·  This is been an area of long time struggle for me, but I’ve made significant progress in 2015 and will continue in this direction for the next year.

3. I intend to treat my body the way it deserves

·       I will continue eating nourishing foods and participating in an active lifestyle.

4. I intend to nurture my relationships

Entrepreneur. Follow your heart. 

·  Family and friends are the building blocks of my life and I will make sure that they know that.

5. I intend to let kindness rule

·       There is no benefit in being unkind to people, therefore I don’t see a need for it in my life.

6. I intend to stop comparing

I intend to radiate positivity

·       Everyone has his or her own story to tell, everyone is different, and finding satisfaction with my own uniqueness will bring the greatest peace.

7.  I intend to be more present

·       Technology & social media together has taken over the world, but I will not let it run my life.

8. I intend to build new friendships

·       There are so many amazing people in this world and I still have so many to meet!

9. I intend to seek adventure

·       Whether it’s finding new places right in my city, or traveling to new places… adventure always awaits.

10. I intend to volunteer my time & skills

·       Because helping others in need just feels good.

11. I intend to find the best in others

·       There’s something special about every person & they should know it.

12. I intend to radiate positivity

·       Because life feels better when your glass is half full.

...And that's a wrap!

What are your intentions/resolutions for the year 2016???

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