How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

-A simple list of tips that will keep you looking and feeling your best throughout this Christmas season-

It's no secret that the holidays are one of the most difficult times of the year to stay on track when it comes to diet and fitness. Nearly everyone struggles with maintaining their weight and energy levels throughout the month of December, but WHY?

  • Many traditions we associate with the holiday are centered around food
  • Sweet treats are constantly available
  • Traveling and time away from work disrupt our usual schedules 
  • Increased social interaction can lead to an increase in alcohol intake
  • The 'holiday hustle' leaves little time for meal prepping or exercise
  • Peer pressure to eat 'junk food' is constant by those around us
  • And Many, MANY others!
Stay hydrated to reduce holiday cravings

For the majority of my life I've personally participated in the glutinous holidays followed by the obscene 'hangover' that generally takes multiple days to recover from. And as much as I love the homemade candies, pies, and hot cocoa that are endlessly offered throughout the Christmas season, I decided something needed to change. After years of feeling bloated, unhappy, and tired after every holiday, I decided to take control of my body once and for all. 

Bring healthy snacks to the party

Just a few years ago I created a set of {Guidelines} or rules for myself to follow throughout the holidays. My goal in creating these rules was not to be an enforcer, but to find a way to limit myself to the point where I could rid myself all the negative effects I had previously experienced. In sharing this list with you, I want you to realize that we are not perfect people and nobody expects that of you. This means that even if you do make a mistake, pick yourself up and start off right where you left off. These are guidelines are by no means strict rules, so feel free to have fun with them! Add your own items to the list & delete items that aren't relevant. Think, Create, Do You. 

10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  1. When attending a party, bring a dish to pass
    • Bring something that you are able to eat so that you don't feel obligated to eat other 'junk' and don't miss out on great holiday food.
  2. Stay hydrated
    • Many times it may seem like you are having hunger cravings, when in reality your body is simply trying to tell you it's thirsty. I carry a H2O bottle with me everywhere I go all year round and try to drink about 64oz/day.
  3. Choose low sugar beverages such as red wine and Lacroix rather than loading up on soda and Moscato
    • Consuming high amounts of sugar in beverages is something that can be easily overlooked and detrimental to many peoples diets. Just 2 sodas a day increases your sugar intake by 50g!
  4. Eat before attending a party
    • If you arrive to a gathering where there is unhealthy food available, you are much less likely to want to stray from your regular eating habits if you are already full. People will also be much more receptive to you declining their food because you are 'not hungry' rather than you telling them you wouldn't touch that chemical filled food with a 10-ft pole;) 
  5. Exercise as regularly as possible
    • Feel good, eat good, look good. It's all a continuous cycle, nobody wants to eat a sugar cookie after a hard workout or think about tomorrows workout after downing an entire bag of holiday snack mix. Use body weight workouts as a quick and easy way to exercise on-the-go!
  6. Don't hangout near the food
    • This sounds simple, but it's the truth. Grazing WILL happen unless you remove yourself from the situation, so step into the other room to have a conversation with family rather than hanging out around the kitchen island. 
  7. Stay well rested
    • Yes, this is the holiday season, but your body still needs rest. People who sleep less tend to have higher cravings and vice versa, so use this time to focus on what listening to your body and sleeping when you're tired instead of fighting it.
  8. Utilize portion control
    • Easy modifications to make here are: using a smaller plate at dinner, making a conscious effort to limit your 'treats', and focus on filling your plate with protein and veggies opposed to processed carbs and sugar. 
  9. Encouraging detoxification in your own body
    • If you do stray from the path and have a few sweets, counter that action by starting and finishing your days with a drink made of Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, and hot H2O. This is wonderful for digestion and helps eliminate excess bloating.  
  10. Always have healthy snacks on hand
    • If you have your own snacks available such as: avocados, nuts, or fresh veggies, you will be less likely to choose the unhealthy varieties available when hunger strikes at the mall or a party.

What are your personal tips/tricks for Holiday Healthy Eating?

XOXO -Brit