Paleo On The Go: Part 1

Paleo On The Go: Part 1

-How to stay on track when traveling or life gets crazy-

Let's face it, as a human race, we are constantly on-the-go and following a paleo diet can be a challenge. We start our days by hitting 'snooze' over and over again because after a late night of soccer games, cooking, or cleaning, our bodies are not quite yet ready to take on another day. Once we are finally able to peel ourselves from underneath the warm covers, havoc immediately ensues. Because of our continued snoozing we are now forced to rush through the shower, attempt to make our hair presentable, and slap on a bit of makeup before we quickly grab breakfast (hopefully) and run out the door. Then it's work, work, work, grab lunch, and finally when 5 o'clock hits we're more than ready to arrive home. However, home doesn't necessarily mean the work stops, honestly it just keeps going. There are always dishes, laundry and yard work to get done, and then maybe if we're lucky we might catch a few minutes of relaxation before bed, only to wake the next morning and start all over. 

One of the most common excuses I hear for people not eating healthy is lack of time(amongst a wealth of others). But, personally understanding how important of a role diet and nutrition play in a persons health I wanted to be able to shed some advice on this topic of struggle for so many of you. Even though the hectic American lifestyle is hard to handle, it is important to understand that properly nourishing your body should always be a top priority. Poor nutrition leads not only to illness and disease, but it can also affect mood, energy levels, and other cognitive functioning. 

In order to feed your body the quality, highly nutritional foods each day that it deserves, I highly recommend taking advantage of a tool called "meal prepping." Meal prepping not only involves preparing and cooking meals ahead of time, but it also requires planning ahead for your meals throughout the week. This technique will hopefully help create more free time in your schedule because you should only have to go to the grocery store 1/week, you won't be wasting time trying to decide what's for dinner, and you won't have to worry about stopping for breakfast on your way to work. 

Now, I totally understand that time is more than precious in our world today, and some days you're just not going to have time to cook. Whether you're off traveling or you have a big project at work that's taking up your extra time, I understand that dining out is inevitable at times and that's why I came up with a list of my favorite fast food options to help you stay "Paleo On-The-Go."

Paleo Fast Food
Paleo at Subway
5 Guys Gluten Free

#1 : Chipotle

Chipotle is my #1 Go-To for quick and easy paleo dining out. Their ingredients are locally sourced, non-GMO, and their meat is antibiotic and synthetic hormone free.

What to get? 

-My all time favorite is the carnitas salad (leave off the vinaigrette) add ALL the guac!!!

-If you are on #teamwhiterice in the Paleo community feel free to get a burrito bowl, minus the beans

-The latest paleo trend I've heard of is the "meat bowl" which is basically just meat and guac

Paleo at Chipotle, Paleo Fast Food

#2: Jimmy Johns

Can you really beat a place with "freaky fast" delivery? 

What to get?

Paleo on the go, Paleo fast food

-The un-wich is available in any of JJ's Gourmet sandwiches. It's basically, a sub wrapped in lettuce and not the bun. I usually stick to a wrap with meat, veggies, and guac

#3: 5 Guys

Made-to-order burgers & hand-cut fries.

What to get?

-The infamous lettuce wrapped burger and gluten free french fries (The fries are GF, but they are cooked in peanut oil so be cautious)

#4: Subway

Eat fresh!

What to get?

-Test out a salad filled with veggies, oven roasted chicken, and of course... guac! (If you want a high quality dressing I recommend bringing your own olive oil or a dressing that you've made at home)

#5: Whole Foods/Local Co Op

Technically these are grocery stores, but they can be fast and they have amazing fresh food options for meals on-the-go.

What to get?

-The sky is the limit, a full salad and soup bar, hot and cold buffet lines, deli, pizzeria, and fresh juices all made from the highest quality ingredients

These are just a few of my personal favorites, I know there are other options available, especially on the east and west coast. hope this list will bring you a sense of security in knowing that there ARE paleo food options available for those crazy, hectic, "no way in hell I'm cooking" days. 

Stay tuned for Paleo On The Go: Part 2 where I will share my favorite paleo snacks for traveling, busy days, or just for enjoying at home! 

XOXO -brit

Whole Foods Paleo, Paleo Fast Food