Calorie Torching Stair Workout + 5 Pieces Of Outdoor Equipment

Calorie Torching Stair Workout + 5 Pieces Of Outdoor Equipment

Even if you yourself don’t have access to weights at home, there are multiple different pieces of equipment that I’m sure you could find and incorporate into your workouts if only you took a short walk around your neighborhood.

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I’ve been having some serious {Post-Labor Day Blues} because the beginning of September leaves a very harsh reality staring me straight in the face… summer is quickly coming to an end. Even more so, over the past week here in MN the weather decided to make an even quicker direction change and fall temperatures have arrived!

Iced coffees turned hot, sandals traded for booties and the sweaters and plaid have been pulled out from the back of the closet. I’m still hopeful that we’ll continue to keep our days sunny and temperatures will remain mild yet for a few months, but I guess we’ll see what mother nature has in store.

Regardless of my dissatisfaction with the decreasing temperatures and shortened hours of daylight, this change of seasons {unofficial} has made me realize that I don’t have all that much time left to comfortably complete my workouts outdoors.

I’ve been QUEEN of soaking up as much time outdoors as possible and aside from yoga studios, I couldn’t even tell you the last time that I stepped foot in an actual gym. Shortly after we bought our house, I purchased a complete set of dumbbells ranging from 5-30lbs and have been taking my workouts out of doors as much as possible ever since.

Some nights I’d head out for a 3-4 mile run and call it good. Others I’d grab a few weights and head out onto our patio for a 20’ AMRAP workout. And other times I’d do a combination of both or maybe hop on my bike. Whatever my workouts consisted of, I never felt forced and ALWAYS felt better afterwards.

Even if you yourself don’t have access to weights at home, there are multiple different pieces of equipment that I’m sure you could find and incorporate into your workouts if only you took a short walk around your neighborhood.

My Top 5 Favorite Pieces Of Outdoor Equipment Are…

  1. Stairs: run up/down, squat jumps, lateral lunges, toe taps, etc. {see workout below}

  2. Park Benches: step ups, decline push ups, tricep dips, incline mountain climbers, etc.

  3. Hills: HILL SPRINTS!

  4. Playgrounds: Pull ups, box jumps, bulgarian split lunge, box jump burpee

  5. Lightposts: Use as a marker either for fartleks {walk, run, sprint} or vary your exercises between posts {lunges, broad jumps, side shuffles, etc.}

And because there’s no way that I’d leave you hanging, here’s a step by step to my very favorite Calorie Torching Stair Workout.


Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, the rest for 15 seconds and move on to the next exercise. Rest for 1 minute after completing all 8 exercises, then repeat 2 more times for a quick and efficient, cardio crushing workout that can be done at the lake, cabin or wherever you might find yourself this weekend.

Note: be sure to listen to your body and modify interval lengths/rest time when needed + eliminate any jumping to make the exercises low impact.

1.     Stair Runs Up/Down

2.     Lateral Stair Runs {bilateral}

3.     Split Lunges {bilateral}

4.     Decline Push-Ups

5.     Toe Taps

6.     Tricep Dips

7.     Ascending Squat Jumps

8.     Ascending Burpees

Complete 2x more!


Stair Runs UP/Down: As fast as you can, climb the stairs either one or two at a time. When you reach the top, turn around and carefully run back down.

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Lateral Stair Runs: Turn to either side and climb the stairs one at a time until you reach the top. Then, turn around and run back to the bottom. Repeat on the opposite side.

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Split Lunges: Planting your right foot on the very bottom of the stairs, lift your left foot behind you onto a stair 2-4 steps up from where you are. Keeping your chest lift, hand squeezed at heart center and knee directly over your ankle, slowly lower yourself down. When you’ve reached your lowest comfortable position use your right glute to lift you back to standing. Repeat on the opposite side.

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Decline Push-Ups: Planting your hand on the very bottom of the stairs, climb both feet up 2-4 stairs behind you until you reach a comfortable position. Choosing either a wide grip or narrow grip stance, begin to lower your self to the ground, keeping your gaze 2-3 inches in front of your mat. Once you’ve reached full descent, press yourself back to your starting position.

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Toe Taps: Standing at the very bottom of the stairs, alternate tapping your right and left toes onto the stair above you. It may be easier to add and small hop in the transition from left to right and to engage your arms in the movement as this should be done quickly to increase your heart rate.

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Tricep Dips: Plant your feet on the very bottom of the stairs and climb your hands up 2-3 stairs above you. Keeping your hips lifted high and elbow squeezing together throughout the entire movement, begin to bend your elbows until they reach 90 degrees or you can’t go any further. Use your triceps to press yourself back to a starting position.

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Ascending Squat Jumps: Starting at the bottom of the stairs, drop low into your squat and propel yourself forward skipping 2, 3 or 4 stairs. Repeat until you reach the top of the stairs, then run back to the bottom and start again.

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Ascending Burpees: Starting at the very bottom of the stairs, climb your hand ups 4-5 stairs, until you reach a comfortable ascending plank pose. Complete one wide arm push-up, then jump your feet to meet your hands. Standing up tall, reach your hands up onto the stairs above to resume the high plank position and then repeat. Once you reach the top, run to the bottom and repeat.

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Chat with me!

What are your favorite pieces of outdoor equipment? Have you ever tried these ascending stair burpees?

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