Alchemy 365 Review: {TCFG}

Alchemy 365 Review: {TCFG}

Pursue. Your. Legend.

Studio: Alchemy 365

Location: Alchemy North Loop {246 9th Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55401} + Alchemy Northeast {120 SE 3rd Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414}

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What is Alchemy? “Alchemy is group fitness transformed. Combining the best of Yoga, Strength Training, and High Intensity Conditioning, Alchemy provides an unmatched group fitness experience.”

Classes at Alchemy include:

·       Free Intro: “Geared for the first-timer, with plenty of time for questions about how our classes work. 30 Minutes.”

·       A10/20: “This is Alchemy’s bread and butter. The A10/A20 class combines three proven fitness disciplines-yoga, strength, and conditioning in the most unexpected and refreshing way. Walk in antsy, walk out feeling more alive. 50 Minutes.”

·       AStrong: “AStrong programming rounds out our complete fitness offering. Coaches will get you moving safely and effectively as you lift weights and get stronger. 30 Minutes.”

·       AFlow: “This is not your typical yoga class. AFlow brings you strength, balance, and isometric holds with a faster flow. Peak postures change weekly so you can progress in all aspects of your fitness journey. Designed for the athlete that needs a stretch day, but doesn’t want to Om. 50 Minutes.”

·       APulse: “Who blends yoga and high-intensity intervals? We do. Break all the rules in this class. 50 Minutes.”

 Whether you’re an early morning person or a night owl, class times are accommodating to every schedule.

What to expect: No matter which location you visit, you’re going to want to show up a few minutes before class begins {especially if this is your 1st class as you will need to fill out a bit of paperwork}. Early arrival also guarantees that you have ample time to find a parking spot, situate yourself in the studio, grab any equipment needed, and ask the instructor any last questions you might have. No need to bring your yoga mat or even your gym shoes {except for the AStrong classes} as most people choose to take classes completely barefoot. Bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and be ready to SWEAT!

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My take on Alchemy: I’m not going to lie, I was slightly intimidated when I arrived for my 1st class. I had heard it described as “Cross Fit-Like” exercises by a friend and since I have yet to gain the courage to attend Cross Fit, frankly this scared me. Upon entering the studio, I was warmly greeted by extremely upbeat instructors who were truly excited to be there! The spaces {both North Loop and Northeast} that they found to house these studios in are amazing. I’m talking exposed brick walls, giant windows, high ceilings, and some really great modern décor to top it all off. This is such a new and modern atmosphere that you can’t help but be excited to workout!

The classes themselves are wonderful! I love the intensity of the workouts, the new exercises you’re thoroughly taught, and the competitive atmosphere. When I say competitive, I don’t mean that in a negative way {like everyone’s judging you if you’re going too slow} I mean it in a 100% positive way! Not only are you competing with the voice in your head telling you to {give up + quit} you’re competing right alongside a room filled with people all out for the same exact goal: To keep going and finish the workout. The camaraderie at these studios is outstanding, everyone {including the instructors} are always there cheering you on + pushing you harder. I know plenty of people who have built such strong relationships with new friends just by regularly attending these classes. 

The classes are tough, they are definitely no {Walk in the Park} but the A20 is hands down one of the best workouts I have ever done. No matter what your fitness level, you’re going to push yourself harder than you ever have and you’re going to see results. Your strength will increase, your muscles will lean, and your energy after class will be at an all time high. Start with an A10 class and progress from there, you will learn that your body is much more capable of doing things than you ever thought.

Some added perks to this already {Rockin’} studio are the private showers, complimentary towels for both showers and workouts, healthy real food options and awesome athletic apparel available for purchase, and good vibes from everyone who enters the door.

If you haven't experienced an Alchemy workout yet, don't wait any longer, you're 1st week is FREE!

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