Sausage Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps

Sausage Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps

-This one pan Paleo meal packs a flavorful punch, leaves you with an easy clean up, and is the perfect addition to your weeknight dinner schedule.-

What’s new guys?!

I’m just hanging out here in Minnesota with a fresh {Dusting—wink, wink} of about 10 inches of fluffy, white snow that’s been accumulating over the past 24 hours. If Only I were still in school… Oh how I miss snow days!

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Not that I had many of those “days off” in college, but back in grade school + high school, snow days were literally the BEST. THING. EVER! I’m not sure anything tops seeing your schools name scroll across the bottom of the TV screen or on occasion, hearing your mother yell “school’s canceled” from the kitchen only to roll back over and fall fast asleep for a few more hours.

Sleeping in, Moms homemade breakfast {she works at a school so our days off were also her days off}, pajama parties + movies all day… that was the life!

However fun it was as a child, this is no longer the same in my grown up years. “Adulting” through a snow storm was no walk in the park. For example, my usual 18-minute commute yesterday took me all of 68 minutes… Fun right? Or how about the fact that I’ve had to shovel off the driveway 3 different times over the past 12 hours—Yep, that was fun too!

As much as I complain about the cold + snow, I can’t even imagine what winter would be like without it. PLUS, I truly believe that freshly fallen snow {especially at night} is one of the most gorgeous sights you could ever see. It’s literally living inside of a snow globe.

But…. Back to business!

Lately {+ by lately I mean for the past 2 years} I’ve been obsessed with lettuce wraps. Why am I so obsessed with them? Because before {Paleo Britany} came along, I LOVED me some wraps + sandwiches piled high will ALL of the veggies! Just something about the whole combination made my mouth water.

So when switching to a paleo/real food lifestyle, I obviously needed to find a good alternative to whole wheat tortillas and sandwich-thins if my life were to be complete… Fast forward to the lettuce wrap discovery!

Cold wraps, warm wraps, blue wraps, pink wraps, I’ll eat them all. But, because of the weather here in MN I figured a warm wrap would be best for today’s recipe. Don’t you agree? 

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Sausage Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps



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·       1lb. Pork Sausage

·       3-4 Sweet Potatoes, diced

·       ½ Green Pepper,diced

·       ½ Yellow Onion, diced

·       3 Handfuls of Stemmed Kale

·       1 Jar Salsa

·       1 Package Romaine Hearts

·       2 Tbsp Ghee

·       1/8C. Goat Cheese Crumbles {optional: for garnish}


1.     Add the sausage into a cast iron skillet {or other skillet} and allow to brown completely

2.     Remove the sausage from the skillet + set aside

3.     Add the ghee + sweet potatoes into the pan and allow to cook over medium heat for 8 minutes

4.     Next, add in the onions and cook until potatoes and onions are both tender

5.     Toss the kale into the mixture, allowing adequate time for it to absorb some of the moisture {or shrivel}

6.     Add the sausage back into the mixture + top with ½ jar of salsa

7.     Mix all together and let cook 5 more minutes

8.     Using your romaine heart as the wrap, fill it with the mixture + garnish the dish with goat cheese {optional} and salsa

Have you ever used lettuce wraps as a grain substitute? Do you have any other {go-to} items that you use regularly in place of grains?

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